All about wooden sliding doors

Sliding doors made of wood are available in various designs and finishes. What different models are available, you can learn here.

Wooden sliding doors are mounted on tracks. They can be slid horizontally along the wall to open and close. Wooden sliding doors come in various designs and constructions. Most wooden sliding doors consist of a single door leaf. This is useful only if there is enough space for it next to the door. If there is less space next to the passage, a sliding wooden door with two door leaves is a good choice. Another option is a folding wooden sliding door, which consists of several parts. The decoration of the door leaf, the color and matching hardware emphasize the respective interior styles.

Interior wooden sliding doors

Most interior styles can be perfectly staged with a sliding wooden door. In the playful country style, a light wood sliding door harmonizes wonderfully as an extended style element. Ornaments on the door leaf round off the romantic interior style. Modern designer furnishings live on clean lines and reduced color concepts. Wooden sliding doors with smooth and monochromatic door leaf are the perfect choice in this case. Separate the kitchen from the dining room or as an intermediate door from the front door to the living area: wooden sliding doors are the room divider in natural look. Since wood is a natural material, you should know that a wooden sliding door is not always the best choice. This is because: wood absorbs moisture and can warp as a result. For wet rooms, like the bathroom, a sliding glass door is probably easier to maintain and makes more sense in the long run.

Wooden sliding door constructions

Sliding wooden doors are particularly suitable for some interior styles: for example, in a bright country kitchen with white wooden sliding door or a black lacquered door leaf in a modern designer interior. By the way, wooden sliding doors sliding doors are also available sound and heat insulated.


Hanging and standing wooden sliding door

As the name explains, the hanging wooden sliding door hangs from the ceiling into the room. The door leaf is mounted on a running track. There are sliding doors that are not flush with the floor, but have a gap between the door leaf and the floor. However, there are also closed wooden sliding door designs that close tightly. Standing wooden sliding doors work like hanging sliding doors, only in reverse: the running track apparatus runs along the floor.

Runner constructions

There are sliding wooden doors running in front of the wall and in the wall. In the wall running wooden sliding doors disappear invisibly into the wall when sliding open. Wooden sliding doors running in front of the wall can be open or covered with a cover. A wooden sliding door with soft retraction allows the door to fall gently into the lock and prevent hard slamming.

Sliding door handle bar

Plastic, stainless steel, wood, brass or aluminum: door handles are available in different materials and can all be combined with sliding wooden doors. Wood and plastic door handles are available in almost any color. Brass, stainless steel or aluminum door handles are usually in black or silver. Round or square: sliding door handle bars are selected to match the door and the interior style.

FAQ on wooden sliding doors

What questions are most often asked about sliding wooden doors? We found out using software that analyses which questions people ask voice assistants from Apple, Google and the like. We answer six of them here:

How much does a wooden sliding door cost?

A sliding door for wood consists of door leaf and the construction method of the sliding rail. Wooden sliding doors are available in different price categories. They are often available as a complete set with sliding rail. We do not offer wooden door leaves for wooden sliding doors at Griffwerk, but we do offer all fittings and sliding rails for wooden sliding doors, such as Planeo X60 wood - starting at 427 euros.

How tight are wooden sliding doors?

Wooden sliding doors can be equipped with special sealing systems. In this case, they are as tight as their revolving door counterparts. Another option is to seal wooden sliding doors with sealing strips afterwards - however, the tightness then does not quite come up to that of revolving doors.

Can you build wooden sliding doors yourself?

Wooden sliding doors can be built yourself. You will need a door leaf and a suitable sliding rail. Special designs can be ordered from a carpenter.

Are wooden sliding doors soundproof?

Tightly closing wooden sliding doors are sound and heat insulating. Drafts and noises are kept out.

What wood is suitable for wooden sliding doors?

Wooden sliding doors are made of different types of wood: hardwood and softwood in different price categories.

How to care for wooden sliding doors?

Wood is a constantly working material. Due to temperature differences and humidity, a wooden door can easily warp. The varnish or oil with which the door was treated should be renewed from time to time.