Elegant door handles: ergonomics and hand flatterers

Door fittings are far more than just functional door openers - they are an important part of interior design and impress with their look and feel.

When it comes to furnishing an apartment or house, the focus is often on furniture, colors and decorations. However, less attention is often paid to a detail that contributes significantly to the ambience and functionality: the door handle.

These small but essential elements can make the difference between average and stylishly thought-out interiors. In this blog post, we show you why beautifully designed door handles deserve more attention and how they are ergonomic and even flattering to the touch.

The importance of design in door handles

For many people, furnishing their home is a matter close to their heart. When every detail needs to be perfect and fit in with the overall concept, door handles and fittings come into play. After all, high-quality door handles are not only functional - they also make an aesthetic statement as an ornament to the door. Depending on the furnishing style, they either serve as a discreet addition or as an eye-catching design element that immediately catches the eye.

Ergonomics - comfort at every touch

There is hardly an element in our apartments or houses that we touch more often than the door handle. This is why ergonomics is a decisive factor when it comes to handles. A well-designed handle is comfortable to hold and requires minimal effort to open the door. Modern door handles made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass or aluminum not only look elegant, but are also pleasant to the touch. Their shape is designed so that they fit perfectly in the hand and are comfortable to use for both right and left-handers.

Hand flatterer - aesthetics meets function

The term "hand flatterer" is used for objects that are not only functional, but also offer a pleasant feel. For door handles, this also means that they not only feel good, but are also visually appealing. Such door handles are often the result of careful craftsmanship and well thought-out design.

Door handles with rounded edges and a smooth, polished surface invite you to touch and use them. The surface texture also plays a role: matt surfaces often feel warmer and softer, while glossy surfaces convey a touch of luxury.

The choice of material is also decisive for the quality and durability of a door handle. Stainless steel or brass not only offer an attractive appearance, but are also robust and resistant to wear and tear. Coatings increase scratch resistance and ensure that the handle still looks like new even after years of use.

Design classics and modern interpretations

Some door handle designs have established themselves as timeless classics over the years. These designs, often created by renowned architects and designers, are not only functional, but also aesthetic masterpieces - such as the door handles by Arne Jacobsen or the designs by Bauhaus designers such as Walter Gropius.

Modern interpretations of these classics combine traditional design with the latest ergonomic findings and materials. The result is door handles that cut a fine figure in both classic and modern interiors.

Door handles at GRIFFWERK

At GRIFFWERK, we love door handles and know how important haptics and design are. Our soft2touch model combines a silky matt stainless steel finish with a velvety soft feel. Not only in the trend color cashmere grey, handles with a stainless steel look and soft2touch are a daily luxury for the eyes, hands and every room door.

Another ergonomic highlight of the GRIFFWERK range is the TRI 134 door handle or the CRYSTAL door handle: its soft, three-sided profile makes it a real hand flatterer and sets it apart from ordinary door handles. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, CRYSTAL and TRI not only impress with their durability, but also with their attractive design. The polished and faceted stainless steel handle end gives it a discreet yet unusual look that makes every door an eye-catcher.

By investing in high-quality door handles, you can experience first-hand how small details can make a big difference. Let yourself be inspired - thanks to the extensive GRIFFWERK range, you are guaranteed to find the right door handle for your home.