These are the door handle trends for 2023

When it comes to living, the year 2023 comes to us with feel-good trends and wellness - but also with light and colour. And: lots of wood, lots of nature.

Plants are taking on a new significance in homes and offices. Plants not only dampen the sound in our rooms, but they also promote well-being, concentration and a better indoor climate - exactly what we need in the home office, living room and feel-good corner. Greenterior is the magic word!

One important trend for 2023 is actually not a trend at all: eclecticism is a mixture of many other trends. But this mixture is so well done that the perfect mix of existing colours, old furniture and revived accessories from the attic, modern accents, XXL artwork and bold wallpaper becomes something completely new. You can create this non-trend very easily and inexpensively with a little imagination as well as a trove of unearthed "treasures" - with the right door handles.

Door handle trends: matt surfaces, lots of light and dark details define the image

Those who like it quieter will love the new maritime trend: Linen fabrics, wood in natural colours, maritime decorative elements and lots of light create the "Coastal Granny Style": Grandma's times, reinterpreted. This style really comes into its own with black fittings in the kitchen. Important: a matt finish best underlines the rustic, cosy and fresh ambience.

In the bathroom, the trend is moving further and further towards the spa look. Freestanding bathtubs are an eye-catcher for this style, but also simpler changes such as rattan or sisal baskets; matt, large-area tiles, warm, light colours, wood and discreet eye-catchers such as black or dark fittings with a satin finish define the image.

In short: 2023 will be colourful, cosy and flooded with light. You don't have to renovate the whole flat to achieve this. A little redecoration and some new details are often enough: door handles, for example, set amazing accents and can subtly change the character of an entire flat. Our special Griffwerk colours graphite black and cashmere grey are a must in 2023. Read here which Griffwerk door handles match the emerging trends on the horizon:

The PLANEO handle shell in graphite black brass or graphite black copper is the secret star in any eclectic ensemble. It gives the actually invisible, light-giving sliding glass door just the right accent, the icing on the cake of style and colour that provides the absolutely successful finishing touch. Those with hinged doors achieve the same effect with our Lucia Select door handle in graphite black brass or graphite black copper.

A bathroom should not only look like a spa, but also feel like one. Our LEAF LIGHT door handle from Sieger Design in matt cashmere grey or graphite black therefore matches this trend - depending on the colour of the fittings. Its horizontal top line gives it a modern, understated look, while the rounded bottom contour is naturally flattering in the hand.

Our CAROLA PIATTA S door handle is THE perfect partner for the Coastal Granny Style: more "Granny" is hardly possible. The classic cone shape with discreet applications for the antique look is pleasant to hold and gives your home just the spark of cosiness that goes perfectly with wood, linen and shells.

In graphite black, this Griffwerk classic also goes well with eclecticism.

The REMOTE door handle is a perfect blend of the two aforementioned door handles: Slightly "rounder" than Leaf Light and slightly "more modern" than Carola Piatta S, it fits both the spa bathroom and the Coastal Granny Style. In the living area and kitchen, it takes out some of the "granny" and brings in modern freshness, while in the bathroom it emphasises nature and cosiness.

The door handles of the AVUS series offer a lot of matt surface. Clear lines with rounded ends combine modernity with nature, making AVUS door handles the ideal accessory for Greenterior Style homes. Where plants grow wild and untamed, Avus brings calm to the picture without creating too much contrast. In this case, it does not necessarily have to be cashmere grey or graphite black - depending on the colour of the furnishings, the elegant look of velvet grey also fits in very well with the Greenterior trend.

Handle bars for hinged or sliding doors accentuate modernity. To maintain the cosiness and the trend towards the natural, the LUCIA handle bar offers a combination of a round bar that feels natural in the hand and a rectangular door fitting. In this way, LUCIA matches all the major trends for 2023, depending on the colour.