Energy-saving sliding doors

Sliding doors are the perfect choice for connecting rooms in a space-saving way. In recent years, sliding doors have become increasingly popular as room dividers. Sliding door systems have also evolved. Heat and sound insulating: some of them allow you to save energy - such as the PLANEO AIR SILENT sliding glass door system from GRIFFWERK.


Open living concepts are optimally implemented with sliding doors. With sliding glass doors, the incidence of light can be utilised to the maximum. Sliding doors are a practical solution for separating the large living space. PLANEO AIR SILENT sliding doors offer many advantages and increase the feel-good factor of all fellow occupants, as they close tightly.

Functionality: An aluminium angle is screwed to the wall at the end of the running track. A parallel rubber lip is attached to the sliding glass door. When the sliding door is completely closed, the rubber lip lies tightly on the aluminium angle. A narrow but tight brush is attached to the lower edge of the sliding door. This means that there is no gap in the floor and the sliding door is completely tight when closed.

In contrast to many other sliding doors: draughts, smells and noises from other rooms are kept out and heating air cannot escape. Not even a gap at the side of the door remains open. The PLANEO AIR SILENT system is energy-saving and sound-insulating. With its simple and modern design, it matches the sliding door look.

Sound insulating sliding door

Many conventional sliding doors do not close tightly. On the underside of the sliding door there is a gap in the floor through which all the noise from the adjoining rooms can be heard, almost unfiltered. With PLANEO AIR SILENT, sliding doors remain soundproof and provide a quiet and undisturbed place of retreat. Sliding doors are often used in large open living spaces as room dividers. Floors, walls or glass fronts: Large, smooth surfaces further increase the sound impact and involve the entire living area. Good sound insulation is therefore very important. A loud banging of the sliding door is avoided by the rubber lip on the wall. Sliding doors close gently: The SOFT-CLOSE function slows down sliding doors when closing and lets them fall very gently into the lock.

Energy-saving: Planeo Air Silent

Heating air is constantly escaping through leaky windows and doors. To reduce costs and avoid draughts, windows and doors must be tight. Large sliding doors in particular should close tightly. Don't waste heating energy: PLANEO AIR SILENT sliding door systems reliably help to separate heat zones. Food odours and vapours from the kitchen are kept out with the tightly closing sliding door system. In the kitchen, you often have your hands full. Sliding doors in the kitchen can therefore also be equipped with a motion sensor to open and close the door automatically without having to touch it. A sliding glass door with the PLANEO AIR SILENT system is also ideal in the bathroom, as water vapour cannot penetrate the material. In combination with satinised glass surfaces, privacy is also guaranteed.


Functionality and design are not mutually exclusive in the PLANEO AIR SILENT system. The sealing system made of black rubber is barely visible. The aluminium profile frames the door in a purist look. The profile is available in stainless steel look, cashmere grey or graphite black. Timeless and modern: With the PLANEO AIR SILENT system, sliding doors can be easily integrated into various interior design styles.

Lockable sliding door with Planeo smart2lock

With the PLANEO SMART2LOCK system, a sliding door can also be locked. The locking button is located in the handle strip. When the closing button is pressed, the door is opened and closed by an infrared signal. An emergency release and a panic function are also integrated in the handle bar.