Green glass, white glass or grey glass?

Which glass material should it be?

Configure your personal glass door just the way you like it. At Griffwerk, you can choose from three glass materials alone. You can choose to have your favorite decor on regular green glass or also on high-quality, color-neutral white glass. Gray glass is also available for many decors. Which material you choose can have optical but also functional reasons.


Glass does not have to be green

For the production of so-called float or flat glass, iron oxide is usually used. This gives this glass its well-known, rather greenish tint. Depending on the environment and the angle of view, this can be perceived more clearly or less clearly. White glass PURE WHITE, on the other hand, was manufactured with a much lower iron oxide content and is therefore almost color-neutral.


Color pure white glass

White is and remains the number one living color. However, especially in front of white walls and in very neutral surroundings, details and materials come into their own better. Green glass can then appear disturbing and too cool. White glass PURE WHITE, on the other hand, integrates itself color-neutrally into the ambience. With a frosted back, it even really comes to shine. It is the same effect as a snow surface in sunlight: the micromatte surface diffuses and intensifies the light.


Dark sides: Gray glass

Gray glass is experiencing a new revival in the interior. It draws attention to the materiality of glass. But it is not only visually that gray glass can score points for itself. The dark tone shades better than more transparent green or white glass. So wherever light is desired but direct sunlight is to be avoided, gray glass is the ideal choice.


Gray glass loves laser

Lasered glass doors made of gray glass are a special eye-catcher. The fine decorations, engraved by laser technology, contrast attractively with the noble gray of the glass surface. The darker background makes them stand out even more. Most of the glass doors in the collection can also be ordered as gray glass variants.