Grey glass doors

Gray glass is a real eye-catcher: different shades of gray blend in with the rest of the room. Opaque or transparent: glass panels made of gray glass, offer various style-conscious options for any interior style.

The typical dark discoloration of gray glass, is achieved during glass production with the addition of metal oxides. The more metal oxides added to the glass mass, the darker the gray tone of the glass will appear. The thickness of the glass also plays a role: the thicker the glass, the darker the discoloration appears. Tinted glass doors are available in DIN standardized TSG (toughened safety glass) and LSG (laminated safety glass) - as sliding doors or hinged doors. Both TSG and LSG stand for high safety. TSG glass consists of a thermally toughened glass pane. LSG consists of two thermally toughened glass plates each, in which a tear-resistant film is incorporated. LSG glass can be frosted on both sides. In addition, LSG PRIME glass is sound-insulating.

Grey glass design: Transparent or satin finish

Whether shower wall, fully glazed room divider or doors made of grayish glass: gray glass is the modern solution for all those who want to set dark room accents despite transparent translucent glass. Gray goes well with different furnishing styles. Whether modern or rustic: light or dark shades of gray - Griffwerk has the right gray variant for every room.
As an opaque version: frosted shower enclosures or bathroom doors made of glass protect against unwanted glances.

Smoked glass is available in different shades of gray and blends in perfectly with the overall look. Despite their gray or frosted finish, these doors still allow light into the room. Individual motif designs emphasize every room. Fully frosted and opaque: the TWO SIDES SATIN GREY variant from GRIFFWERK.