New glass door in old frame

Door frames are also known colloquially as door frames. If doors are installed in the shell or are subsequently replaced, the correct dimension of the door frame must be taken into account. What there is to consider:

Is it possible to install new glass doors in old frames?

Door frames, unlike doors, wear out less quickly and very rarely need to be replaced. Therefore, in principle, it is possible to install new glass doors in old door frames. In this case, the dimensions of the new glass door must fit the old door frame. As a rule, most doors, and therefore their door frames, are standardized and are divided into so-called DIN standard dimensions. The most common DIN norms of doors are: 61.0 cm, 73.5 cm, 86.0 cm and 98.5 cm. Depending on the Width of the wall opening, the appropriate dimensions of the door frame opens up.

Width of your wall opening Width door leaf (butt door leaf = glass door)
62.5 - 65.5 cm 58.4 cm
75.0 - 79.0 cm 70.9 cm
87.5 - 91.5 cm 83.4 cm
100.0 - 104.0 cm 95.9 cm

Determine DIN direction of the glass door: doors are DIN-Left or DIN-Right. If the hinges or hinges are on the left side of the door frame, the door is called DIN-Left. If the hinges are on the right side, it is a DIN-Right door.

The correct glass doors DIN norm measured out

Measure the Height: Measure the folding rule from the top of the floor to the top of the lintel.
Measure Width: Measure the Width of the doorway in at least three places. At the very top of the doorway, in the middle and at the very bottom of the floor. If the measurements are different, the width is determined by the smallest measurement. Before measuring, you can also hold a spirit level, left and right, to the doorway.

As a rule, the dimensions correspond to the usual DIN norms and you can choose your new glass door suitably and without any problems. In the case of special sizes of the door width, special designs must be installed. Glass doors as custom-made products, are cheaper than you might think. The glass door can be inserted into an existing wooden frame. If you are bothered by the material mix of wood and glass, you can also replace it with a steel or aluminum frame at a later date. Whether the existing frame is suitable for the new glass door also depends on the nn existing hinges. Depending on where they are placed on the door frame, they may fit the new glass door or they may need to be repositioned. High quality door frames are important in either case to be able to support the weight of the glass door in the long run. Glass door hinges are divided into two different categories. There are Office and Studio hinges for glass doors. Office hinges are usually a little more stable and are installed in rooms where the door is often used. Studio hinges are usually used in living rooms.