Romantic living style

When we think of romance, images of a kneeling rose cavalier, ladies in white with lace parasols, idyllic landscapes or a flower-lined pavilion by a lake quickly spring to mind. So much for the cliché. What does this have to do with living style, doors and door handles? We'll tell you here.

Feeling is the key: for doors, door handles and co.

Romanticism as a movement developed at the end of the 18th century in response to the strictly reason-based Enlightenment and, in contrast, emphasised passion, feeling, individuality and the state of the soul. This was reflected in many areas: music and literature, painting and poetry, representatives of Romanticism brought this style to life. This movement also left its mark on furnishings: Inspired by nostalgia and nature, soft, fine, curved forms, floral patterns and pastel colours found their way into homes. The romantic style of living is thus also in contrast to the cool, formal interiors of the classic style.

Homes in the romantic style are characterised by a cosy, comfortable atmosphere and exude a feeling of security and relaxation. White, light pink, cream, light blue and light green and other pastel colours are just as much a part of it as lace, floral patterns on sofas, cushions, curtains or wallpaper, white furniture with finely curved lines and accessories in gold, silver or brass. The whole composition appears light and playful, dark or heavy elements are almost non-existent.

The modern romantic style tries to recreate the feeling of romance. Furniture is therefore often artificially "trimmed to look old", for example with deliberately sanded varnish, slightly worn fabrics or a light patina on metal objects.

Doors and fittings for a romantic home

In keeping with the playfulness of the romantic living style, the wooden doors are usually lacquered white, glass doorsmade of frosted glass or printed with romantic motifs, PIANO White as a glass door or as a sliding door or made of light wood and often feature curved elements: Floral carvings and curved mouldings are just as much a part of this as light cut-outs. In the romantic style, these are round, oval or have other curved elements. Tiffany light cut-outs also suit the romantic style. The important thing is that it must be light and have no edges.

This also applies to the door fittings in a romantically furnished home. The ideal materials or looks for this are brass, matt stainless steel or our Griffwerk cashmere grey. 
These Griffwerk door handles are best suited to the romantic style:

AMADEUS with long plate: This door handle with undulating curved lines and elegantly rounded long plate perfectly matches a romantic interior with golden or brass details or accessories in warm colours.

MARISA with round shield is a beautiful variant for all those who like the brass look but want to add a little modernity to the romantic-typical swing.

CAROLA combines playful details with a gentle cone shape. The chrome version blends unobtrusively into the overall picture and leaves the protagonism to the romantic colours and shapes in the room. FABIA and FABIO go in the same direction, but the details are simpler and somewhat less playful.

VERONICA combines romantic curved lines with a modern, clear shape and a simple finish in matt stainless steel. This makes this door handle a perfect fit for a modern home with a romantic touch.

The ULMER GRIFF s the epitome of simplicity with soft, round shapes. Our licensed reedition of the original by Max Bill is flattering in the hand and goes with just about any interior style.