Working in the home office

The Corona crisis has our everyday life firmly in its grip. The home has become the "safest place in the world". Those who can, work in a home office. The transition is difficult at first, but then we discover: Spatial proximity is not necessary to work together effectively. On the contrary: despite isolation, we have moved closer together. Despite initial restrictions, we have expanded our personal and professional networks. More than that: relationships have become stronger. We realize that the world can also be conquered from home.

What to look out for when planning a home office, and which door and hardware solutions are suitable, can be found out here.

Well organized?

Nothing works without structure. Here are the 3 best office rules for your home.


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The right choice

Under the roof or better in the entrance area? The best room for the home office is...


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Individually furnished, the home office becomes a personal happy place...



Office rules for home

A home office is a great thing, but not without pitfalls. The many distractions are among them. For family members and partners you are easily accessible. Small interposed questions are quickly asked. Such interruptions are particularly unpleasant during important telephone calls. Whoever receives customer visits also does not want to be disturbed. At home it is more difficult to draw a line between work and private life. A few simple "office rules for home" can help here:


1. Create daily structure

It's already great in the home office: you get up in the morning and are already at your desk.

Where time clocks are missing, it helps to create clear structures for yourself. It is best to plan fixed working hours. Please do not forget the breaks (!). Daily protocols help to check yourself.

2. Agree on rules.

If it weren't for the many disruptions in the home office, you would be able to concentrate on your work. Clear rules help here. A closed door means: "Please do not disturb. This applies to naps as well as to home office hours.

It is best to discuss the common rules in advance. That way you can prevent conflicts and everyone is satisfied.

3. plan rooms correctly

The office has to be functional and furnished in a way that makes you feel comfortable. The lighting must be right. The location of the office is of particular importance.

Those who like to withdraw are happier under the roof than near the living room, where the turbulent family life rages. If you want to receive customers, the office must also be prestigious and easy to reach.

The right choice of room

Where should the home office be located? Every room has its advantages. It depends on the personal needs.


Do you welcome visitors?

Would you like to receive customers? A home office near the entrance area is perfect for this. So strangers do not have to pass through private rooms and family members do not feel disturbed.

Wooden doors offer more noise protection and privacy. Glass doors appear stylishly clear and open. With privacy protection more privacy can be created.

Working under the roof

The office under the roof offers an undisturbed working atmosphere at any time of day. With glass doors a stylish entrance can be staged. At the same time the staircase is better illuminated.

Who decides for glass doors must not do without fittings with smart2lock by Griffwerk. The Puristo S lock case is available with this new locking mechanism.

Privacy and privacy protection

The office under the roof offers an undisturbed working atmosphere at any time of day. With glass doors a stylish entrance can be staged. At the same time the staircase is better illuminated.

Who decides for glass doors must not do without fittings with smart2lock by Griffwerk. The Puristo S lock case is available with this new locking mechanism. Satinized glass doors provide better privacy protection.

Beautiful glass doors for the home office


The first impression

Doors with smart2lock by Griffwerk do not require rosettes. A completely new door aesthetic is created. Especially those who receive customers must pay attention to the representative effect of the office. An innovative door solution makes a good first impression right at the start. It is the details that count.

Beautiful handles for the home office



Those who work can make themselves beautiful. The best furnishing trends for the home office are:


Loft Living with REMOTE

Lots of light through high windows, in addition industrial elements and robust materials - lofts are a big city feeling in the interior.

The colour basis for the style are muted tones such as smoke grey, graphite and black. Simple furniture and the odd piece in industrial style underline the look.

Fits perfectly:
REMOTE soft2touch graphite black

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Clean coziness with AVUS

Bright and inviting, cosy but not too crowded. The furnishings are reduced to the bare essentials.

The colour concept in light grey tones becomes warmer with wood, patterns in textiles break up the light surfaces and the carpet sets fluffy accents - Nordic-pur and cosy!

Our recommendation:
AVUS soft2touch cashmere grey

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The best colors for the home office...

Bright white can tire the eyes, muted tones are optimal. The tabletop in particular should be kept in a pleasant, slightly tinted shade. Overall, soft nuances are more suitable for the home office than striking tones with high saturation and luminosity. The latter draw too much attention to themselves and this disturbs concentration. So that soft nuances do not look too tired, it is possible to work with just a few contrasting elements. Black accents look very noble. They may repeat themselves gladly in the room, whether as table lamp, door handle or as eye-catching designer piece in the shelf.

Similarly can be worked with few (!), individual colors. Important is a balanced harmony and a clear color concept, which is reduced to a few shades. In order to be able to concentrate, nothing in the room should be distracting. Closed bookshelves calm the eye. Binders can be bought in one color. All eye-catching elements should have a current reference to the work and a positive and inspiring character. We wish you a lot of joy when furnishing.

Free space for your ideas...

A room where you can indulge in the flow without being disturbed? This does not necessarily have to be the classic home office. How about a family office, for example?

This would be a place where you could study without distraction or take care of your next tax return. Depending on who wants to work at the moment, you can retire there. Or would you like a studio, a workroom or a music room? We can only repeat ourselves: Space free for your ideas.

Design your Door

DIY is very popular. We say "DYD" (Design Your Door )! Why not design your doors yourself and give them an individual look. Single and very small editions are possible. We laser logos, photographs and also texts as desired.


Motivation is everything

Some quotations, hit the nail on the head. Do you have a favorite quote? Then give it to me. Lasered onto a glass door, you give text lines maximum presence. In combination with smoked glass, the text comes into its own with particular brilliance. With satin finish on the back you enjoy more privacy. Text at eye level makes clear doors more visible. For office doors in public areas, clear visual markings are even mandatory.

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What are you waiting for? 5 steps to your home office.

Define your needs

Before you start, you need to know what the ideal workplace should look like for you. Make yourself a list: At what times would you like to work? Do you need to keep an eye on the children? How much office materials, equipment and documents should there be room for?
The more needs you consider from the start, the more effectively you can work later.


Thanks to WLAN you can work almost anywhere. Nevertheless, make sure that there is good reception in the selected room. All professional contacts should be traceable on PC and smartphone.

Room size and location

For concentrated work, a room that is well separated from the central family events is suitable. Especially comfortable are attic rooms or generally adjoining rooms, which are spared from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Adequate lighting is important.


So that the home office becomes a real happy place, it can be furnished with love for detail. Instead of a dreary office atmosphere, a feel-good atmosphere is the order of the day. Classical office furniture does not have to be. But with tables and chairs, attention should be paid to ergonomics.

Planning working hours

The biggest challenge in the home office is to keep the day well structured. Not only working hours, but also breaks should be planned and consistently adhered to. In the morning you can take a few minutes to set priorities. These are strictly adhered to, there is no pardón. Helpful apps help with time recording. This way you get a better feeling for the work rhythm and don't lose track.

"When work is a pleasure, life becomes a pleasure."

Maxim Gorki