Clear decision


The Behrens-Wöhlk group is one of the most important wholesalers for wood and building elements in Germany with a total of 14 sites and three highly modern central warehouses.

According to Reiner Espeter, category manager building elements, the group’s strengths include “maintaining outstanding connections with leading manufacturers”. We are happy to hear that, since our hardware has been part of the product range of Behrens-Wöhlk group for years. Since June 2016, we have also been delivering the doors.



In fact, the Behrens-Wöhlk group changed its entire glass door range to our products. We are truly proud of this. It is another step on a sustainably future-oriented path. Our strong sliding door segment contributes to this. According to market surveys, these will make up 60% of the glass door market in future. How great that we can offer the unique SENSA hardware concept in this growth area as well. This renders glass bores unnecessary, which is an immense storage benefit. We invested a lot into glass doors in 2016 and expanded our range by 60 patterns early that year. Together with various new refinement techniques and glass types that have been added for 2017, this range is quite an impressive sight. 95 % of our range is also available in high-quality white glass PURE WHITE by GRIFFWERK. That is necessary. We at GRIFFWERK are certain of one thing: White glass will replace green glass. We generally like future-capable techniques. We think that laser technology is one of these. Our in-house laser production enabled us to develop special competences while offering our customers extraordinary and diversely configurable glass doors.



Our flanking sales support was particularly comprehensive. Since we are running an in-house agency in Blaustein, we can make many things possible and offer very individual support. We have packed an effective package for crafts and configured it together with the Behrens-Wöhlk group. This includes a mobile usable sales case, price lists, material comparison samples for white glass PURE WHITE by GRIFFWERK and more. We also offered a training concept. We are happy about the shared start and would like to thank the Behrens-Wöhlk group for the trust they placed in us.