Today’s interior design trend in public buildings as well as in the home is for clean lines and a sleek look, reducing the number of materials and forms. Increasingly, modern buildings are no longer simply functional – they must also be representative of their operators and owners. Design is a status symbol, indicative of the company’s performance level and of the owner’s taste and lifestyle. Frascio’s Frame roseless door handle introduces a revolutionary new handle design to the market. Interchangeable inlays offer designers many opportunities to develop custom solutions, or alternatively pay homage to purity of concept by incorporating the door material into the handle.

As the most important functional elements in enabling access to buildings, door mountings must be in keeping with the design quality and technological excellence of the entire property. Door handles are the components of the architecture with which people come most frequently in contact. They attract the most attention. So they must be the most representative of objects. In the premium Frascio brand, Griffwerk develops innovative concepts with famous designers. The results are truly innovative products and revolutionary designs with clear USPs. Many designers, architects, builders and clients seek to “be different” through their choice of door handle. The pressure of price plays an important role in the market. Distributors that wish to avoid talking about the cost must use a premium product selection to demonstrate their additional value and differentiated company profile. Design excites and awakens emotions, it is moving, persuasive and convinces clients of the benefits of higher value.

Professor Thomas Gerlach is Dean of the School of Design at Hochschule Pforzheim University. He believes that simplification of form is the most sophisticated outcome of the design of consumer objects. The design of door hardware must always be understood by the user. At the same time, the designer must consider whether it is even possible to reinvent this element. Professor Gerlach rises to this challenge and turns to a reductive solution, consistently avoiding the use of the ubiquitous rose fitting. The challenge is overcome thanks to Frascio’s patented technology. And a new aesthetic in handle design is born. Traditionally drilled holes in doors can be retained, so that the new system can be incorporated into a wide range of simplified applications. The newest development is a lockable version that also does away with the rose. The locking button is integrated unobtrusively into the lever.

Frame is geometric, with monumental proportions. But at the same time, it has a reserved appearance like no other door furniture. Thanks to Frame’s interchangeable inlay system, the door and handle form a single aesthetic unit through the use of identical materials.  The inlay system also provides designers with new, completely individual opportunities to innovate. Above all, Frame inspires. Any material up to 0.8 mm thick can be used for the inlay, whether crystal, leather, piano lacquer, glass, or digitally printed motifs. The interchangeable inlays are also perfect for communication, so Frame can be used as part of a building’s sign-posting system.

A broad spectrum of applications can be found in Frascio's latest Frame mini-catalogue. Premium design objects are not simply aesthetically interesting, they also provide opportunities to stand out from the competition. “With premium products such as Frame, we can raise our profile in the market,” emphasises managing director, Matthias Lamparter. Real revolutions are often quiet, sophisticated and convincing in their detail. After all, people and their thoughts should be the focus of a room, not a plethora of objects. It is an ode to minimalism. Architecture that moves those who experience it.

Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK design FRAME DESIGN MANUFAKTUR in the version door handle pair with white inlay - nickel mat continum - frame technique
With the puristic door handle FRAME, the door and handle become an aesthetic unit
Accents can also be set and exclusive or highly individual materials can be chosen for the area on the door handle FRAME.