Sliding door system R8 black-and-white thinking


Two diverse Inlays

The front cover of the "R8" door handle is made in the same material look as the door handle itself in the standard version. Individualists may choose between two exchange versions in "Black High Gloss" and "White High Gloss". This way, the door handle can be adjusted to the room's interior concept. Inlays for grip shells have been produced as well.

The corner radius as namesake

The name of the sliding door handle R8 reminds of its design principle: The corners are constructed in a quarter circle with a radius of precisely 8 mm. This strict geometric design received the Interior Innovation Award in 2014. All details of the door handle system have been adjusted to the corner shape. Even wall holders and stopper elements have this characteristic design feature. Matching handle rods and shells for the design line are available.

Glass doors in the matching colours

If you want to consistently furnish your house with black or white room accents, choose the high-gloss glass doors PIANO WHITE or PIANO BLACK of high-quality opaque VSG glass with bilateral high gloss finish.

Now in the range: the comfort version with soft retraction

The R8 door handle system is now also available with a soft retraction that latches the door in two holding positions. It is retracted gently and particularly glass-compatibly.

Sensa system: easy installation without glass bores

The R8 door handle system can be installed without glass bores. The glass pane is held into the running cart by dual glass clamps. This saves waiting times and dimension errors because glass bores are not needed. Grip shells and rods can be attached by adhesion. This is safe, protects the glass and permits more flexible adjustment to the room situation, since placement can be determined on site.

GRIFFWERK earns the iF product design award for the R8 design concept in 2014
Sliding doors system R8 Create: You can choose one of two different inlay options
Aluminium sliding door hardware, with rolling cart running visibly on a round tube