Transparent division of rooms – using glass doors to define spaces


Dividing up functional areas while allowing light to spread | Different levels of transparency, using Two Side by GRIFFWERK where required | Allow more daylight into rooms without windows | Mix and match glass and wooden doors | PURE WHITE glass doors by GRIFFWERK | Fascinating laser technology

Dividing up functional areas while allowing light to spread

Spaces that have traditionally been separated into distinct rooms, such as kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, or even bedrooms and bathrooms, are being opened up in modern floorplans, merging into large open-plan areas. All the while, options for privacy remain important. Glass doors offer the best of both worlds. They allow designers to delineate individual rooms, without detracting from the open-plan feel of large spaces. Living areas feel bright, flooded with light. Depending on the required level of transparency, property developers can select either opaque, partially transparent or very clear doors, in either single or double leaf variants.

Two levels of transparency with Two Side by Griffwerk

A special feature of this range of products is the completely satin finish on the reverse of the Two Side variant. This finish is significantly more opaque. Customers can therefore change the level of transparency easily, without missing out on their favourite design motifs, either choosing the single-sided laser engraved version, or the additional satin-finish reverse panel.

Greater daylight in rooms with no windows

Daylight is the number-one factor in improving a sense of wellbeing in the home, and is proven to improve our mood. What’s more, maximising the amount of available natural daylight also helps keep down energy bills, with less frequent need for artificial light sources. Internal hallways and ante-rooms in particular can be flooded with natural daylight by using glass doors.

Glass and wooden doors are a perfect match

Glass doors can be hung in wooden door frames without the need for complex modifications. Fitting glass swing doors is simply a matter of changing the fittings, in particular the hinges. GRIFFWERK's large range of designer fittings offer many options for those who want to use glass doors. People seeking to mix and match wood and glass can relax safe in the knowledge that both types of door can take matching fittings. GRIFFWERK offers consistent designs in this respect, such as the fittings from designer Jette Joop. The engineering and design of these fittings for glass swing and sliding doors as well as for wooden doors are perfectly harmonised. The result is a consistent overall look.

High quality PURE WHITE glass by Griffwerk

The GRIFFWERK glass doors portfolio uses high quality PURE WHITE glass by GRIFFWERK. This crystal clear glass has no hint of an unsightly green tinge, fading into the background, especially in front of plain white walls. Daylight floods the space unhindered. The decorative effect and light are several times brighter than can be achieved using traditional green glass. The clarity of the pure, high quality PURE WHITE glass by GRIFFWERK is due to the low iron oxide content.

Filigreed lines and soft modulated, photorealistic transitions are all possible thanks to laser technology. The laser beam engraves the finest, most consistent lines into the glass surface. In particular, photographic motifs can be accomplished with extraordinary accuracy using this laser technique. GRIFFWERK has added many new laser motifs to the latest, expanded range of glass doors, which is grouped by topic. Whether based on writing, photographs, linear based designs that never go out of fashion, textile-based structures or a smooth, satin finish to the white glass, there are practically no limits on the individuality of interior design with these glass door designs.

Griffwerk door handles and door fittings can be used for glass and wooden doors.
Individual light transmissing room separation is very limited by using wodden doors.
One side glass door decor by griffwerk enable maximum light transmission.
Almost all doors are now available in the two-sided printed, opaque “Two-Side” version with satin finish on the rear.
Griffwerk launches over 50 new glass doors as part of its greatly expanded range.
Door handle Crystal from the design line Jette Joop by Griffwerk in combination with the door fitting Creativo.
Door handle Crystal by Jette Joop installed on a wooden door.
Glass door design by laser technology. Illustration shows close-up of laser process on glass door surfaces.