door handle set
Isolated product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK rose set ADINA in the version euro profile - polished/brushed steel - clip on technique
[Translate to English:] Freigestelltes Produktbild im nach links gedrehten Blickwinkel fotografiert zeigt die GRIFFWERK Rosettengarnitur ADINA in der Ausführung Profilzylinder - Edelstahl poliert-matt - Klipptechnik
Isolated product image in the right-turned angle shows the GRIFFWERK rose set ADINA in the version euro profile - polished/brushed steel - clip on technique


door handle set
door cover: rose set round
lock type:
surface: polished/brushed steel
Direction: L/R
norm select: cl3
valid country: Germany
door handle set ADINA
clip on cl3 rose set round
euro profile polished/brushed steel
EAN-13: 4250214632528


MSRP (based on german VAT)*


Chrome, sheen and energetic forms and shape

Both on a charming vintage car or on a 300 PS model from one of the luxury automotive manufacturers, chrome is used to decorate rims, edges and, of course, also door handles. Both light and the colours of the surroundings are reflected in chrome. It comes across as being cool, sophisticated, clear and dynamic. A similar look has, as with the door handle set ADINA, polished stainless steel. Advantages of clip-on technique:

    • stainless steel, no visible screws
    • Clip-on cams for quick installation
    • Plain bearings, maintenance-free, invisible
    • Lifting springs, spring steam, bilateral
    • Subconstruction of high-quality plastic
    • Audited to DIN EN 1906
    Detailed technical drawing in top view including dimensions of GRIFFWERK door handle Adina clip-on technology in polished/stainless steel

    What is a profile cylinder?

    A profile cylinder lock is used as a classic for house, office and flat entrance doors. A profile cylinder is a cylinder that can be operated with a key. Profile cylinders therefore also provide a certain degree of protection - although less than protective fittings. Attention: If you want a door handle with profile cylinder insert, please note the marking PZ.

    Mid-Century Modern

    Mid-Century Modern stands for a formal design in architecture. The origin of this style of living can be found in the USA and Europe between the 1930s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern is characterised above all by clear lines, organic forms and streamlined design without further embellishments. In terms of colour, the emphasis is on earth tones. In homes today, the Mid-Century Modern style is often found in sofas and other furniture, but the style is also an interior design idea on door handles. our door handles are perfectly combined with it.