door handle set


door handle set
Direction: L/R
surface: brushed steel
lock type:
door cover:
norm select:
EAN-13: 4250214631903
door handle set ALESSIA
clip on UG3 handle roses round
unlockable brushed steel

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Door handle ALESSIA

U-shape: from the stable to the skyscraper

Door handles with ends that turn in towards the door were often used in stables so that reins and leashes would not become caught. These closed handle shapes, such as the ALESSIA, are also prescribed for many public buildings.

Advantages of clip-on technique:

  • stainless steel, no visible screws
  • Clip-on cams for quick installation
  • Plain bearings, maintenance-free, invisible
  • Lifting springs, spring steam, bilateral
  • Subconstruction of high-quality plastic
  • Audited to DIN EN 1906

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