FRAME without handle

revolving glass door lock set
Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK glass door lock set FRAME in the version unlockable, velvety grey, 3-part hinge set

FRAME without handle

revolving glass door lock set
lock type: unlockable
Bohrungsart: Frame/Office
latch type:
valid country: Germany
glass door lock set FRAME
unlockable R magnetic 3-part hinges
velvety grey
EAN-13: 4250214627692


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Glass door fitting FRAME

Fitting concept Frame now also for glass doors

The glass lock for the FRAME fitting concept fits flush with the handle body and is therefore hardly perceptible as a lock case. The design represents the philosophy of all-in-one simplicity, in which all functional elements are compacted into a single form. Neither rosettes, nor locking cylinders, nor visible lock boxes are required.

The glass lock for FRAME in minimalistically small dimensions developed by GRIFFWERK measures only 80 x 35 mm. That is also available in a lockable privacy solution.

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