FRAME 1.0 with inlay silk-matt RAL 9010

FRAME handle pair including inlay

FRAME 1.0 with inlay silk-matt RAL 9010

FRAME handle pair including inlay
lock type:
surface: velvety grey
Set beinhaltet:
valid country: Germany
Door handle pair FRAME 1.0
velvety grey 38-45mm unlockable
with inlay silk-matt RAL 9010
EAN-13: 4250214631224

FRAME with inlay

An ode to minimalism

Actually, FRAME is committed to the idea of minimalism. Its form is almost an ode to the right angle and clarity not to be outdone. Something FRAME can do more than any other door handle: it fits both standard-height doors and XL-sized floor-to-ceiling doors. Especially in combination with large door formats, there is hardly any hardware that plays so well on the large area, we are convinced of that. FRAME is also predestined for flush-mounted interior solutions in which wall and door surfaces merge into one another. Its restrained design fits perfectly into this architectural concept. An inlay in the same surface perfects the whole thing.

Alternative products

Where should the closing button be located?

Frame WC right

Inside lever handle with locking knob pointing to the right

  • For DIN left door opening outwards
  • For DIN right door opening inwards

Frame WC left

Inside lever handle with closing knob pointing to the left


  • For DIN left door opening inwards
  • For DIN right door opening outwards

Look & Feel!

The surface finish developed by GRIFFWERK, soft2touch by GRIFFWERK, combines an extraordinary look with a velvety soft feel. Surfaces make a decisive contribution to a positive product experience. This is especially true for door handles, which are touched countless times every day.

In three colours

In addition to graphite black, there are two other colours to choose from: velvet and cashmere grey. What all surfaces have in common is their exceptional tactile quality. The three new colour shades were developed by GRIFFWERK and coordinated down to the last detail.

Triple finished

For the desired 'soft2touch' effect, three wafer-thin layers are applied. The process has been fine-tuned down to the last detail. A special carrier layer serves as the basis. It has a fine structure so that a lively material effect is created. The texture varies depending on the shade. 'Cashmere' and 'Velvet Grey' are distinguished by a discreetly ground appearance; 'Graphite Black' appears finely grained. The colour tone is defined by the subsequent pigment layer. The particularly pleasant feel of the handles is created by a final soft seal. It also gives the colour shades brilliance and depth.

Inspiration Graphit

We chose an exceptionally matt, very deep black that fits perfectly with the loft-style window and door elements. Glossy black would look much more unsettling, as the reflective surfaces would contrast strongly with the surroundings. Matt simply looks more noble.

soft2touch advantages at one look:

  • Design dream thanks to new colors in cashmere grey, velvet grey (nickel-plated) and graphite black
  • Particularly pleasant to touch due to velvety soft feel
  • Less cold in the hand than stainless steel
  • Silky-matt appearance instead of being polished to a high gloss
  • Available for all systems in the house (glass doors, wooden room doors, windows)