handle shell pair
Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK grip shell GUIDA in the version for glass 8-12mm/wood 38-42mm - stainless steel mat - screw-on technique - aluminum mat stainless steel optic


handle shell pair
surface: brushed steel
valid country: Germany
handle shell pair GUIDA
screw on
64.5x64.5x8.5mm brushed steel
EAN-13: 4250214308690

Grip Shell GUIDA

Stainless Steel Matt

The GUIDA grip shell is characterised by an extremely narrow rim. It therefore appears generous. The grip fits into standard 50 mm diameter holes. The shell halves are screwed together using M4 set screws.

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Care instructions for stainless steel: Door handles, window handles and co.

High quality material with intelligent surface

GRIFFWERK is not limited to noble design - we are proud of the inner values of our products. We exclusively use stainless steel of alloy 304, also known as "1.4301". This high quality steel is - matt or polished - due to its composition stainless with special corrosion resistance and durability. Stainless steel forms a very thin protective passive layer, which rebuilds even after surface damage caused by chemical reactions.

Our care spray

GRIFFWERK recommends the "GRIFFWERK Care Spray", which is specially designed for our products, to care for and maintain the value of your stainless steel door handles and fittings. It cleans intensively, has a dirt-repellent effect and thus maintains the value of your stainless steel room door set, door handles and door fittings. Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents or scouring agents containing alcohol for cleaning - regardless of whether the stainless steel surface is matt, polished or shiny. Please note that the surface of the lever handle set can be damaged under extraordinary stress, for example by building dirt, grinding dust, aggressive vapors or salt water. For this reason, clean the handle set with GRIFFWERK Care Spray immediately after soiling. Our GRIFFWERK care spray is available from all our trade partners.