LUCIA door handle set Clip-on system GK3 round escutcheons Profile cylinder graphite black
LUCIA door handle set Clip-on system GK3 round escutcheons Profile cylinder graphite black
LUCIA door handle set Clip-on system GK3 round escutcheons Profile cylinder graphite black

Door handle set
Art. No. 189160278

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LUCIA door handle set
Clip-on system GK3 round escutcheons
Profile cylinder graphite black
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LUCIA. The masterpiece.

Discover the design classic L-shape reinterpreted with Lucia, the masterpiece from Griffwerk. The name refers to the shape of the handle, which looks like an "L" when viewed from above. The L-shape door handle is also called Frankfurt model or Frankfurt shape. Discover the unique character of Lucia and bring the timeless charm of the L-shape door handle into your home. Today, the L-shape is the classic door handle throughout Europe: from Barcelona to Berlin, from Warsaw to Amsterdam.

Supplied with

Pair of handles incl. rosettes and mounting set

What is a profile cylinder?

A profile cylinder lock is used as a classic for house, office and flat entrance doors. A profile cylinder is a cylinder that can be operated with a key. Profile cylinders therefore also provide a certain degree of protection - although less than protective fittings. Attention: If you want a door handle with profile cylinder insert, please note the marking PZ.

Graphite black

Black is finding its way into architecture, whether on large window fronts, as entrance doors or in interior details. Griffwerk offers the right selection of black fittings. A special feature is the black shade developed by GRIFFWERK, inspired by the black of graphite. The material look is reminiscent of black graphite powder, the feel is surprisingly soft. Graphite black impresses with its unusual, velvety matt finish and soft surface. Graphite black accents can be repeated in the room. They have a very noble effect and do not stand for elegant refinement and luxury for nothing. Griffwerk offers graphite black design in various product categories, allowing a holistic design of any interior. Graphite black is close to the RAL colour RAL 9011 (graphite black). Whether door handle, window handle, handle shell pair or even just handle bar, what is important is a uniform interplay of different colour elements that emerges from a conscious colour concept.


Upgrade to screw technology?

Isolated product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK rose set LUCIA PROF in the version euro profile - graphite black - screw on technique

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern stands for a special design in architecture. Living styles originated in the USA and Europe between the 1930s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern is characterized above all by clear lines, organic forms and streamlined design without further embellishments. In terms of color, earth tones are particularly popular. In homes today, the Mid-Century Modern furnishing style is often found in sofas and other furniture, but the style is also a furnishing idea for door handles. our door handles are a perfect match.

Ethno Style

The word "ethno" is derived from the ancient Greek word "ethnos" and means "people". The motto of the Ethno furnishing style is to unite different designs and break with fixed patterns. This creates daring combinations. Perfect for people who are not afraid of exotic and archaic ideas. Would you like a cushion with a zigzag pattern, a whimsical couch or an unusual door handle for a very special flair in your home? Then the ethno living style is the choice for you.


According to the Duden dictionary, minimalism means "to deliberately limit to a minimum". The strength of minimalist interior design lies in the quiet focus on individual furnishing elements. Minimalism is not only a style of living. Rather, it describes an attitude to life that is reflected in the living space. Focus on the essential and do without the superfluous. That is the motto of a minimalist lifestyle. The goal is a simple elegance and purist structure. Choosing a minimalist door handle is the first step towards a minimalist living style.

Door handle set LUCIA
Art. No. 189160278