door handle set


door handle set
door cover:
lock type:
Direction: L/R
norm select: not checked
EAN-13: 4250214624684
door handle set LUCIA PIATTA S
flat rose rose set round
wc graphite black
valid country: Germany

Door handle LUCIA PIATTA S

Material accents

LUCIA is available in clip-on or screw-on technique in stainless steel, graphite black and graphite black with brass or copper accent. “Our” black is a matte, very deep black. The coating is so resistant that even tools can be coated with it. Nevertheless, it is not sensitive to finger prints. The clear differentiation between walls, architraves and doors is no longer necessary nor desired today. Materials and visuals are more coherent. The need for order and visual minimalism changes our living culture. A flush appearance therefore defines the fashion. PIATTA S dominates this design style. The rosette clings to the door like a disc. No special milling is even needed with PIATTA S.

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