handle bar pair


handle bar pair
surface: brushed steel look
valid country: Germany
handle bar pair PURE SENSA
adhesive technique
57.8x350x40mm brushed steel look
EAN-13: 4250214337584


Hardware installation without glass bore

Hardware of the SENSA collection does not need any glass bores. The hardware is fastened to the un-drilled glass pane with gentle and secure clamps or by adhesion technology (gluing). Gluing is a proven procedure from dental technology and airplane construction. We applied this experience to glass hardware for the SENSA collection range. Attractively flexible, fascinatingly simple to install and saving money as well as time. You want to make your decision today and take the product home right away? It‘s no problem. If you pick a system with SENSA technology, you will not need to wait for the correctly drilled glass door. You will save time, money and you can be certain that it all fits just right. Nothing can go awry. Unusual sizes are no big deal for Sensa either, since the doors do not need any drilled holes. The SENSA attachment technique has never heard of permanent hardware positions. Everything can be adjusted to your room on site.

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