revolving glass door lock set with handle pair
Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the Griffwerk glass door lock set PURISTO S in the version unlockable, brushed steel, 2-part hinge set with the handle pair MINIMAL MODERN SG


revolving glass door lock set with handle pair
lock type:
Direction: L/R
Bohrungsart: Studio/Office
latch type: silent
valid country: Germany
glass door lock set PURISTO S
unlockable silent 3-part hinges
MINIMAL MODERN velvety grey
EAN-13: 4250214669012


MSRP (based on german VAT)*

Glass door fitting PURISTO S with door handle MINIMAL MODERN

Strict and clear with modern and contemporary

„Form follows comfort“ may have been the specification for the furtherdeveloped design of this extraordinary lock box. The new, comfortable option of closing by 1-hand operation is particularly distinctive. Thanks to revised technology, the closing head is now in reach of the thumb and can be comfortably actuated when pulling the door closed. The outer dimensions of the lock box have also been clearly reduced. The many adjustment options are comfortable as well: The spring force of the door handle can be individually adjusted and the grip position can be corrected to the millimetre.

This architecturally minimalist basic shape is charmingly detailed with soft curves. This relates first and foremost to the visible surface and it taken up by the rear creating pleasant and, at the same time, unexpected grip comfort. MINIMAL MODERN represents a modern and contemporary interpretation of a door handle and thus blends harmoniously into all residential surroundings.

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