handle strip pair
Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK grip rod pair R8 in the version for glass - alu mat stainless steel optic - adhesive technology SENSA - aluminum mat stainless steel optic


handle strip pair
surface: brushed steel look
valid country: Germany
handle strip pair R8
adhesive technique
40x350x7mm brushed steel look
EAN-13: 4250214344162


MSRP (based on german VAT)*

Handle strip R8


Strict geometric clarity is combined with roundings pleasant to the touch. The angle between two perpendicular straight lines is formed by the sector of a circle here. The size of this circle can be defined by its radius. Rectangular and square shapes with rounded corners result. In addition to being a classifying style element of the 1970s, this was already characteristic for the ground-breaking new design language of Braun company in the 1960s (cf. SK1 by Artur Braun and Fritz Eichler) and a consistent characteristic of form in the furniture drafts of Marcel Breuer. Today, it is symbolic for a number of design icons that have become the daily companions of an entire generation as Smartphones. The new forms are even clearer. They reduce selected, high-quality materials, play with design quotes and show new perfection.

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