door handle set without roses
The picture shows the price German Design Award Winner 2021
The image shows the Door handle pair R8 ONE in the version with roseless smart2lock cashmere grey


door handle set without roses
The picture shows the price German Design Award Winner 2021
lock type:
Form: rounded
valid country: Germany
Door handle pair R8 ONE
cashmere grey 38-45mm smart2lock L
EAN-13: 4250214650065


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Just one - design concept without rosettes

ONE stands for maximum reduction and is the programmatic intent for this design line. The R8 ONE door handle has no rosettes at all. Thanks to specially developed technology, the handle now sits singularly on the door leaf. It still fits on doors with standard locks. In the version with locking mechanism, this technology has been integrated into the handle neck and is thus positioned within thumb reach. A handle design for the highest demands in two form variants.

What is smart2lock?

smart2lock stands for an innovative and intelligent locking technology that functions maintenance-free without electronics. A short click activates the mechanism integrated in the door handle. When locked, the door handle can no longer be operated on either side. On the outside, a red indicator on the door handle discreetly signals "do not disturb" - the most beautiful pause sign in the world. Of course, an emergency release on the outside of the door has also been thought of.

Where should the closing button be located?


Inside lever handle with locking knob pointing to the right

  • For DIN left door opening outwards
  • For DIN right door opening inwards


Inside lever handle with closing knob pointing to the left

  • For DIN left door opening inwards
  • For DIN right door opening outwards

Cashmere grey

The so-called cashmere goats come from the former principality of Kashmir between India, Pakistan and China. Their wool is significantly softer than the finest sheep's wool and one of the most precious and expensive natural fibres of all. It inspired us for our velvety soft surface cashmere grey. Our cashmere grey not only offers luxury for the hands, but also has a silky matt appearance. The shade, which is very close to RAL 7022 (umbra grey), goes perfectly with warm tones and materials. Materials such as wood, patterns in textiles or other fluffy interior accents can be combined.


Innovative without rosettes

From now on, rosettes can be dispensed with. The handles of the 'One by Griffwerk' product line sit directly on the door leaf and thus create a very reduced, new door aesthetic. Locking rosettes, such as WC and key rosettes, also become superfluous. The locking technology for these door handles was integrated directly into the handle neck using 'smart2lock by Griffwerk'.

German Design Award 2021 for Griffwerk R8 ONE

The rosette-less door handle concept R8 ONE has just received a German Design Award 2021 in the category Excellent Product Design - Building and Elements. The jury's statement on the award ceremony: "The timelessly elegant lever handle not only does without a rosette, no, the locking mechanism was also integrated directly into the handle. A consistently reduced design, whose purism is underlined by the clear design language.

Smarter closing

All handles in the "One" product line are equipped with the innovative "smart2lock" locking technology. The locking slide is conveniently located within thumb's reach. Doors can now be closed and locked with just one hand. The locked handle can no longer be pushed down, but can be unlocked from the outside in an emergency. All handles with "smart2lock by Griffwerk" fit conventional door locks; WC door locks do not have to be installed.

1-hand-operation combined with elegant, flush appearance.

smart2lock stands for the perfect combination of intelligent locking tech-nology with puristic design. All door handles can be locked and unlocked with just one hand. And since the locking mechanism is integrated in the handle, no key rosette is required.


smart2lock. Benefits at a glance.

  • Undisturbed with one click - privacy for every room 
  • Comfortable 1-hand operation
  • Integrated locking systems
  • New door aesthetics without key rosette
  • Simple emergency unlocking
  • Compatible with any standard mortise lock

Innovation meets haptics

Another plus for R8 ONE is its exceptionally soft feel. This is created by the refinement with the premium surface "soft2touch by Griffwerk" developed by Griffwerk. It offers a unique, tactile user experience.
R8 ONE with is available in three color shades. "Velvet gray" looks like stainless steel, but feels softer thanks to the premium surface with "soft2touch". As a result, the color does not appear cool as is typical of stainless steel, but rather somewhat softer. Nevertheless, other fittings in stainless steel can be combined with R8 in velvet gray, as the color has been adapted to the stainless steel look. "Cashmere gray" appears bright, inviting and cozy. For those who want to play more with contrasts and accents in the interior, "graphite black" is just the right color.

Look & Feel!

The surface finish developed by GRIFFWERK, soft2touch by GRIFFWERK, combines an extraordinary look with a velvety soft feel. Surfaces make a decisive contribution to a positive product experience. This is especially true for door handles, which are touched countless times every day - not only on inner doors.

Clear design

Handles from the "One by Griffwerk" design line speak a clear, geometric design language and yet offer a pleasant gripping experience. The front surface runs parallel to the door leaf and gives the handles visual calm. The softly rounded back in combination with the "soft2touch by Griffwerk" surface finish ensures a pleasant feel. The locking slide within thumb's reach offers operating convenience.


Hygge comes from Denmark and is more than just a style of living: it is a way of life. Cosiness, security and conviviality are particularly important in a hygge atmosphere. Such a room climate is created by warm colours such as beige, cream, white or pastel grey. Supported by natural materials such as wood, wool or stainless steel, hygge turns your living space into a feel-good atmosphere. Choosing the right door handle is the first step towards a Hygge living style. Door handles from Griffwerk with a warm look in the colours cashmere grey or stainless steel are particularly suitable.

Industrial Style

Untreated wood, exposed pipes, unrendered brick walls and concrete floors: The trendy interior style looks rough and does without frills. Everything looks used and unfinished. This is what makes the industrial style of living so special. The furnishing style is particularly popular in large and open loft flats. Typical of the interior design is a lush and massive leather couch, but door handles also contribute to the flair. Colours are used in industrial style to a limited extent, but in combination. This is to bring out an authentic industrial design.


According to the Duden dictionary, minimalism means "to deliberately limit to a minimum". The strength of minimalist interior design lies in the quiet focus on individual furnishing elements. Minimalism is not only a style of living. Rather, it describes an attitude to life that is reflected in the living space. Focus on the essential and do without the superfluous. That is the motto of a minimalist lifestyle. The goal is a simple elegance and purist structure. Choosing a minimalist door handle is the first step towards a minimalist living style.