GATE without handle

revolving glass door lock set
Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK glass door lock set GATE in the version unlockable, brushed steel look, 3-part hinge set

GATE without handle

revolving glass door lock set
lock type:
Direction: L/R
Bohrungsart: Studio/Office
latch type:
valid country: Germany
glass door lock set GATE
unlockable silent 3-part hinges
brushed steel look
EAN-13: 4250214338383

Glass door fitting sieger design GATE

Gate | Design: sieger design

The GATE glass door lock is the interface between a glass door and the CHARACTERS-COLLECTION. GATE encloses the technical interior and volume of the glass-door lock, creating a basis for the different handles. Its clearly defined and rounded forms are consciously restrained to create a stage for the different door handle types.

sieger design is synonymous with exceptional designs and many years of experience in interior design. Materiality, value and precision form the core statement of this lock box. The cover is cut out of full aluminium to achieve perfect R8-radii. The precise edges and surfaces are partially produced manually in the production process. The surface is finished for a consistent look. The Gate lock box is available in a matte or polished stainless steel look.

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