thick door kit 45-50mm screw on full spindle 8mm wc graphite black
thick door kit 45-50mm screw on full spindle 8mm wc graphite black

Square spindle for door thickness extension
thick door kit 45-50mm screw on full spindle 8mm wc graphite black
Art. No. 012190278

Door thickness:
Direction: L/R
Door thickness: 45-50mm
Country validity: GermanyAustria
EAN-13: 4250214628552


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Full spindle set for WC-sets, screw on UG3 & UG4

Complete accessory set for increased door thickness

This set is suitable for all Griffwerk door handle sets of the type:

  • screw-on technique WC

With the matching door thickness extension set, our door handles can also be used for increased door thicknesses.

What is a WC-closer?

The rosette set with WC lock is considered the classic for the bathroom. A door handle with WC lock, abbreviated WC at Griffwerk, is equipped with a rotary knob on the inside and an emergency release on the outside. With the WC lock on the inside, the room door can be locked from the inside by turning it once. In an emergency, the door can be emergency unlocked from the outside, e.g. with a coin.

Graphite black

Black is finding its way into architecture, whether on large window fronts, as entrance doors or in interior details. Griffwerk offers the right selection of black fittings. A special feature is the black shade developed by GRIFFWERK, inspired by the black of graphite. The material look is reminiscent of black graphite powder, the feel is surprisingly soft. Graphite black impresses with its unusual, velvety matt finish and soft surface. Graphite black accents can be repeated in the room. They have a very noble effect and do not stand for elegant refinement and luxury for nothing. Griffwerk offers graphite black design in various product categories, allowing a holistic design of any interior. Graphite black is close to the RAL colour RAL 9011 (graphite black). Whether door handle, window handle, handle shell pair or even just handle bar, what is important is a uniform interplay of different colour elements that emerges from a conscious colour concept.