TRI 134 door handle set Screw-on system GK3 round escutcheons Satin stainless steel profile cylinder
TRI 134 door handle set Screw-on system GK3 round escutcheons Satin stainless steel profile cylinder
TRI 134 door handle set Screw-on system GK3 round escutcheons Satin stainless steel profile cylinder

Door handle set
TRI 134
Art. No. 134130271

Satin stainless steel
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TRI 134 door handle set
Screw-on system GK3 round escutcheons
Satin stainless steel profile cylinder
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TRI 134

Made for the hand

When designing the TRI 134 handle profile, we took a close look at the cavity that the hand forms when gripping. In the process, we realized that this cavity resembles neither a circle, an oval nor a rectangle, but rather has the shape of a gently rounded triangle. Based on this insight, we developed a completely new handle profile with three sides in Blaustein. The result is TRI 134, a door handle that is literally "made for the hand". Its ergonomic design not only offers unique comfort, but also gives your door a timeless and elegant character. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and design with TRI 134.

Supplied with

Pair of handles incl. rosettes and mounting set

What is a profile cylinder?

A profile cylinder lock is used as a classic for house, office and flat entrance doors. A profile cylinder is a cylinder that can be operated with a key. Profile cylinders therefore also provide a certain degree of protection - although less than protective fittings. Attention: If you want a door handle with profile cylinder insert, please note the marking PZ.

Anatomy and movement patterns guide design

In the search for the perfect haptic experience, GRIFFWERK tested a wide variety of profiles in several studies. Finally, several criteria could be defined that are relevant for a "perfect" gripping experience:

The "perfect" profile corresponds to the hollow space,of the closing hand. This is three-sided for anatomical reasons and not round or rectangular
During operation, the angle of the closed hand is changed, as well as the position of the user in space. The closed hand is therefore "moved" on the door handle. It does not remain static. The edges must therefore be softly rounded to allow for movement play.
Most pressure is exerted on the upper contact surface. This is also the largest contact surface between the door handle and the hand. It therefore plays the most important role for the grip feeling. It is particularly pleasant if it is kept very wide, as is the case with TRI.
The upper contact surface should also be inclined towards the door. An angle that slopes gently towards the door corresponds to the natural posture of the wrist when operating a door handle. Thanks to the inclined angle, the wrist is not hyperextended when pressing the handle (as would be the case with a horizontal surface).

Door handle TRI 134 was developed based on these criteria.

A new classic

Door handle TRI 134 is one of the simple, minimalist design forms that fit any door and any architectural style. In addition to a shapely, restrained design, it offers exceptional gripping comfort.

Haptic in perfection

We have developed a profile cross-section with a "perfect feel". Anatomical requirements and movement patterns were taken into account. The gripping area now has three sides and thus corresponds exactly to the actual cavity of the gripping hand. This is not round but has a three-sided shape due to the joints of the hand.

The Greek pronoun "TRI" ("three" or "threefold") therefore became the eponym of the first handle introduced with the new profile.

Its shape literally nestles against the hand.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern stands for a special design in architecture. Living styles originated in the USA and Europe between the 1930s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern is characterized above all by clear lines, organic forms and streamlined design without further embellishments. In terms of color, earth tones are particularly popular. In homes today, the Mid-Century Modern furnishing style is often found in sofas and other furniture, but the style is also a furnishing idea for door handles. our door handles are a perfect match.

Door handle set TRI 134
Art. No. 134130271