sliding glass door (lsg)
Living situation with shows the GRIFFWERK glass door VSG Digital_698 clear digital print in the version revolving door - DIN right - studio / office - laminated safety glass BASIC GREEN


sliding glass door (lsg)

color/opacity: PURE WHITE/opaque

glass processing: FFDDWHITE
valid country: Germany
sliding glass door VSG DIGITAL 698
EAN-13: 4250214600077


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Atmospheric motifs in brilliant, bright colours create new room illusions. The front glass side remains highly glossy and gives depth to the pictures. The printed back is neutral white. All glass doors in this series are opaque. Our colours are of course light-resistant, so that you can enjoy your glass doors for a long time.

Alternative products

Sliding doors

Clearly recognisable functions, authentic materials, a high demand for quality and durability have been real requirements in the development of our modern sliding glass doors. They represent an elegant and filigree alternative to hinged doors. With sliding doors, room transitions can be staged in a new way. In contrast to revolving glass doors, sliding glass doors do not need a swivel area, because a sliding glass door runs along the wall to save space. Unmistakable design and perfected technology - that is what distinguishes our sliding glass doors.


Pure White

White glass has a particularly noble effect and is characterised by a bright lighting effect in modern rooms. The green or grey tinge present in the product range is reduced to a minimum here. With PURE WHITE from Griffwerk, colour-neutral and flexible room design is guaranteed. White tones and daylight are expressed in a particularly natural way.


How do I clean a sliding glass door?

When cleaning your interior glass, it is sufficient to clean the surface of the sliding door with warm water. To do this, please use a sponge or a soft, lint-free cloth. Clean over a large area, not selectively.

In the case of residues such as fingerprints on the glass door, you can also use commercially available glass cleaners (foam cleaners). Please do not use any abrasive, corrosive, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents. They attack the glass surface and can cause scratches. Excess water can be wiped dry with a microfibre cloth. If water is left on the glass door for a long period of time, stubborn limescale residues can form.

With VSG sliding doors, make sure that the edge seal does not come into contact with water, otherwise moisture and the cleaning agent can penetrate the laminate.


Please do not use any scratching tools, razor blades or scrapers. They can leave visible and irreparable scratch marks on the surface.