Sliding door systems

Clearly recognisable functions, authentic materials and a high claim to quality and longevity were truly desired requirements. On this basis, we develop sliding door systems that also meet the claims of the modern day: Unmistakable design, unobtrusive but perfect technology.

Open sliding door systems display their function. They exude loft character and appear like generous portals, in particular in the two-wing version. Closed sliding door systems are very simple and unobtrusive. The mechanics are hidden inside. They are available in stainless steel or aluminium looks and in a large variety.

For 2017, GRIFFWERK equipped its sliding door hardware PLANEO 120 with additional room solution options. The range now also includes skylights, side elements and many more. PLANEO 120 will be available with the “graphite black” surface as well as of summer 2017. All versions are, of course, also available with soft retraction. This keeps the glass doors from slamming. They are gently pulled into the latching positions. These are small aspects that just increase living comfort. All glass facilities are also available at room height.