Terms of use of Griffwerk GmbH

By using copyrighted content, you agree to the Griffwerk GmbH Terms of Use. Please read the following terms of use. By accepting the terms of use, you will be able to download images (pictures, logos and documents) of Griffwerk GmbH. All images provided are protected by copyright and remain the property of Griffwerk GmbH at all times.

1. Scope of application

1.1 The following terms and conditions apply to all registered users of the website www.griffwerk.de who have a business relationship with Griffwerk GmbH.

1.2 By your agreement, you declare that you are not in breach of these terms of use and that you will only use the content made available within the scope of this agreement.

1.3 The subject matter is all presented content of the provided image database that is available for download and to which Griffwerk GmbH is the copyright holder.

2. Restrictions on use

2.1 All dealers shall acquire a simple right of use.

2.2 The transfer of rights of use to third parties is prohibited. Any transfer to third parties requires the express written permission of Griffwerk GmbH. Please contact: marketing(at)griffwerk.de.

2.3 Content used, in particular image content, may not be altered or sold.

2.4 Dealers receive a temporary right of use for the duration of the business relationship. The right of use ends with the termination of the business relationship.

2.5 The use of the data is only permitted in connection with Griffwerk or products of Griffwerk.

2.6 Dealers undertake to publish all content used with picture credits or watermarks "Source: Griffwerk GmbH". If the content is used in print media, a complete specimen copy must be sent to Griffwerk GmbH after publication (address for sending specimens is: Griffwerk GmbH, Marketing Department, Lindenstraße 90, D-89134 Blaustein).

3. Contact details

3.1 If you still have questions regarding the use of content from the image database provided, please contact the following e-mail address: marketing(at)griffwerk.de.