Installing interior doors

Once you have found and ordered the perfect interior door for your home, all that remains is to install it. That sounds more difficult than it is: nowadays, thanks to modern, readily available door systems, you can easily install your new doors yourself with just a few tools. Here you can find out how to do it in 10 steps.

Hinged door: The classic among interior doors

  1. Lay all parts of the Door frame on a flat surface. Then join them together with a little glue and the connectors supplied. Then screw in the threads and screws at the marked points. Then it's time: Wait until the glue has dried.
  2. Carefully lift up the glued frame and place it in the middle of the wall opening.
  3. Insert the bottom parts of the Door hinges into the holes provided and tighten them with a screwdriver. This requires a little force. Ideally, you should therefore use a ratchet or an electric screwdriver.
  4. Repeat step 1 with the decorative frame.
  5. While the glue on the decorative frame dries, stretch door lining clamps in the upper third of the new frame. Then pull it into the middle and downwards. You can also borrow this tool from a tool hire shop instead of buying it.
  6. Fix the frame with small wooden wedges at the upper corners in the wall opening and check with a spirit level on all sides whether the frame is straight. If not, adjust slightly. Tip: There should be about 5 mm space between the frame and the Floor. In damp rooms, apply a sealing joint at this point later.
  7. Then fit the Door hinges to the door leaf. You can now hang the door leaf. The door leaf should have 5-7 mm floor clearance (float above the Floor).
  8. Spray frame foam into the opening between the frame and the wall. It is sufficient to foam the three points with the door frame clamps. Once the foam has dried, carefully cut off the excess foam with a saw.
  9. Place a few drops of glue in the groove for the decorative frame every 50 cm or so. Then carefully lift the frame and insert it into the groove.
  10. Finally, screw on the Lever handle set - and your new Glass door is ready!

Sliding door as an interior door: simply practical

Sliding doors as interior doors create a special feeling of space and living: they save space, make even small niches usable and create a modern ambience. Sliding doors as interior doors are not only space-saving wonders, they are also particularly easy to install yourself:

As there is no frame, you only need to mount the running track on the wall (or ceiling) above the wall opening. If available, screw the Bottom guide to the Floor. Now you can fit the brackets to the door leaf and hang the door leaf on the Running track - done!

And if you want the Sliding door to be lockable as an interior door? No problem: Our PLANEO SMART2LOCK system is already integrated into the Bar handle and sliding system and works without a key thanks to the infrared touch sensor. None of the installation work is required and you can easily unlock your Sliding door with the tap of a finger.

At Griffwerk, you will find a large selection of interior doors - both Hinged doors and Sliding doors made of Glass, which visually enlarge your rooms and flood them with light. No matter which interior design style is your favorite, with Glass sliding doors, whether clear glass, matt or with design, you can conjure up an open, harmonious and warm living feeling in your home.

If you would rather not or cannot install your interior doors yourself, our experts will of course be happy to install your new Griffwerk interior doors.