Private home


From the entrance area, a room-high sliding door provides a view of the living and dining area, which is kept open. The stairs to the first floor integrate harmoniously without changing the floor material. It was only separated by a transparent glass wall.

The bright and white room boundaries meet on all floors and conceal their functions. Seamless transitions always eliminate unnecessary details.

Only minimal differences in the surface characterise the room-high doors on the upper floor. The accent of the doors is the door handle. It creates an idealistic and historical reference to the Ulmer HfG, for which the 'Ulmer Griff' was designed by Max Bill.

The 'Ulmer Griff' has the characteristic soft transition from circle to ellipse. A principle based on mathematics, as Max Bill also demanded in his 1946 work "The mathematical way of thinking in the art of our time".


Private home


Southern Germany

Used fittings


The Ulmer Griff designed by max bill

Max Bill, founding rector of the Ulmer HfG designed a door handle for the university building in the fifties together with the student Ernst Moeckl. The redesign, which was developed in 2012, is permitted - with the approval of the max, binia + jakob bill stiftung, Adligenswil - to bear the signature "max bill".

Villa am Stein


On a slightly sloping corner plot near Frankfurt am Main, a residential building was to be constructed that would allow the owner's family a maximum of privacy as well as a maximum of generous loft character. While the building remains closed to the street, an 18-metre long glass façade allows maximum transparency towards the garden. The interior of the building offers spectacular spaciousness, but also many possibilities for retreat. Room boundaries were set subtly. Room-high sliding doors separate or connect zones. Revolving doors blend almost seamlessly into the puristically bright wall surfaces. Technology is invisible. This is also true of the FRAME door fitting from GRIFFWERK DESIGN MANUFAKTUR, which can do without rosettes thanks to its patented mechanism. Technically and formally, it completes the consistently minimalist character of the building, which is thus translated into the detailed solution.


Haus von Stein, private mansion


Near Frankfurt


Philipp Architekten GmbH, Anna Philipp Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architektin BDA, Untermünkheim

Living space

356 m²

Year of construction



Solid basement, ground floor: wood panel construction

Used fittings


It could hardly be more minimalistic

GRIFFWERK presented the revolutionary simplified hardware concept FRAME, designed by Prof. Thomas Gerlach, back in 2007. The patented technology makes it possible to dispense with rosettes completely. The handle shape itself is retained.


Single family house, Vreden

Further elements on the ground floor are connected to the central, cubic structure. The positioning was done in tension-filled broken symmetry. The enveloping stone façade lends the building naturalness, warmth and character. It contrasts with the puristic, clear white of the interior. All doors were kept light and bright. On the upper floor they merge flush with the wall. Accentuated surfaces in anthracite mark individual areas. The peace and quiet inherent in the interiors is created by a consistent reduction to a few colours. White, anthracite and natural stone tones alternate in a harmonious relationship. Horizontal and vertical lines determine the room character. They have an ordering, simplifying and balancing effect. The right angle is the measure of all things.

The fittings also fit harmoniously into the room's design. Door handle FRAME forms a symbiosis with the door: The front surface of the fitting is kept in the colour and materiality of the door leaf. The uncompromisingly clear and very reduced carcass of this door handle reflects 'in miniature' the basic architectural understanding of the client and thus expresses consistency. The emphatically simple, almost ascetic restraint of the interiors with their balanced spatial relationships and the thoughtfully staged transitions is enlivened by an extraordinary lighting design. It creates changing room atmospheres.


Single family house




Engelshove Bau GmbH, Neuenkirchen


Henrik Schipper

Used fittings

FRAME (Design: Prof. Thomas Gerlach) GRIFFWERK GmbH