Glass door fittings

Fittings for glass doors

Do you love glass because it creates borders but does not shut off the view? Glass is gaining popularity in a contemporary living ambience. Natural light can flow into the rooms and its transparency permits view axes between the different functional areas. Glass opens. This leads to spatial impressions of great width. The units offer accents on the glass doors. Considerate design creates a stylish unit with the room.

Glass doors can be transparent and full-gloss or matte, processed with decoration or in colour, even black and mirrored like dark varnish. Perfectly supplementing glass-door locks: From selection of the right surface for combination with the correct lever. Choose from the comprehensive range just as you like it: Classically elegant to provocative and stubborn.

Closing with a whisper. Whisper latchs are equipped with special plastic surfaces on the latch that effectively soften striking of the metal latch on the frame.

Glass door and fitting belong together. Nice if they have a corresponding design. All glass-door locks can be combined with handles of your choice from the GRIFFWERK collection. A consistent look can thus be warranted on wood and glass doors. Let yourself be inspired.

For your glass door with sliding door system, you will find matching grip rods and shells in the GRIFFWERK range. In the SENSA system, you do not need any glass drillings for mounting.

Security fittings: Matching your glass fittings

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Security fittings protect doors, locking cylinders and handles against manipulation from the outside. They are composed of an inner shield with a door handle or door knob and a resistant outer shield to which a knob, handle or door knob is attached. Screwed from the inside, protective fittings have no attack surface for burglars: nothing sticks out that can be broken off or twisted or pulled out.


If you opt for special glass fittings inside, you don't want to have to make any compromises for the house or flat door. With our protective hardware construction kit, you can equip your entire living space with handles in your desired colour throughout: from cashmere grey to stainless steel to graphite black and copper.