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Material accents

The materials of steel, glass and concrete conquered their positions in the early 19th century. Many factories were built, and elaborately equipped interiors with lots of wood, velvet, brocade and ornaments made room for a new, clear language of forms. In 1929, the Dessauer Bauhaus even celebrated a “metal festival” to hail the conquest of new materials. Non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass were matter-of-course materials for the Bauhaus metal workshop. The semi-spherical tea pot by Marianne Brandt, uncompromisingly made of basic elements, became the symbol for this new style that is often called the Bauhaus style. This is a term that never actually existed in this manner.

Later, in the 1990s, material aesthetics turned towards cool metals: Stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and other coating versions were now preferred. Cars, washing machines, kitchens... everything turned silver. The “forgotten” non-ferrous metals came back by the time of the turn of the millennium. In an era of increasing immateriality, they represented genuinity and credibility.

We at GRIFFWERK didn’t just want to follow the general trend, and therefore skipped the non-ferrous-metal wave at first. At least, until 2016. Now we also offer brass and copper, but only in the form of reduced accents. “Less is better” remains our motto. Simple, turned, cylindrical basic bodies of real copper or brass can now accentuate the LUCIA grip design on request. The new “graphite black” surface matches this very nicely. The circular PLANEO GM_49111 grip shell, also with inlays of real brass or copper, is an internal favourite. The night-black edge forms a wonderful contrast to his.

A PLANEO version and other grip rods will supplement the design line in the new, deep black as well. The frame profile PLANEO AIR is a special feature. A fine, black line runs around the glass face here. The profile can be adjusted to any glass door formats. The minimalist grip rods Serife emphasize the extraordinary ease.