On average, a burglary is committed in Germany every 4 minutes. The biggest weakness in apartments is the entrance door. Contrary to public opinion, 80% of all burglaries take place when the residents are away during the day (preferably between 10 AM and 1 PM). Multi-family homes are particularly affected.

Although roughly 75% of all burglaries are targeted at multi-family homes, securing of the apartment entry door is given too little attention. Burglars are subject to high time pressure, i.e. even a resistance of 5 minutes will cause an attempt to fail. Additionally, 80% of the perpetrators are only opportunist thieves. They do not take any high risk of discovery and choose objects with unsecured weaknesses. Breaking open the plate or pulling protruding cylinders can be effectively prevented.

Protective combination units can be combined with rosette units. The apartment door protection to the outside is warranted while all doors still look the same on the inside. Choose from the comprehensive range of different designs. You can usually get the same handle for glass-door locks and windows as well.

For classification, protective fittings are classified into resistance classes, which provide information about the strength of the anti-burglary protection. Depending on the need for protection it is possible to opt for fittings of a certain class (ES0/ES1).

GRIFFWERK equipped the revised range of protective hardware with flanking sales support for specialist trade and crafts. GRIFFWERK has solutions at hand for sales exhibitions and mobile consulting as well.

Renovation advice for apartements for rent

A safety upgrade in apartments for rent must be coordinated with the landlord just like all changes affecting building substance. A written permit that excludes the obligation to remove it again when moving out is sensible as well. Ideally, change requests should be clarified before entering into the rent contract.

Insured object

Never just pull doors shut. They may not be deemed shut legally. To profit from insurance protection in case of damage it pays off to ask your insurance company. Use this opportunity to clarify whether the resistance class of the protective units is sufficient.

Digital door viewer

The GRIFFWERK Doorcam is the ideal supplement to your safety fitting. Very easy to install in standard peephole bores, the doorcam offers a perfect view of what is outside the door. The Doorcam prevents the person outside from noticing that the peephole is being used. Supplied with power by common batteries. The field of vision is approx. 160°.

Your advantages

  • Image quality: Sensor 2.0 Megapixel, 4.0 "TFT-HD monitor
  • Easy to handle
  • Energy-saving: The digital door viewer switches off automatically after 15 seconds
  • Easy to install through plug and play 
  • Privacy: Prevents from noticing that the spy is being used
  • Special features: Recording function with internal memory and 160° viewing angle