Griffwerk - Opening Doors

Max Bill

In the 1950s, the founding rector of the Ulm School of Design Max Bill collaborated with his student Ernst Moeckl to design a door handle for the school building. This ULMER GRIFF is obtainable again - now also in the unique color graphite black and only available at GRIFFWERK.


Premium glass doors by GRIFFWERK

The smoked glass shade that we favour is called MOON GREY. It reminds us of the innumerable bluish, gentle shades of grey in moonlight that it is named after. The laser engraves subtile lines in the surface.

Our high-quality LSG PRIME doors impress with perfect sound and heat protection. They are now available with all laser patterns.

Glass doors

sieger design by GRIFFWERK

sieger design developed the Characters collection for GRIFFWERK. It comprises three individual door handles and the matching and award-winning apron named Gate.

For sieger design, door handles are an ultra-present and recurring feature of household life. They represent the specific interface between man and architecture and form a functional unit with the door. Door handles are essentially tools, although their design is not only defined by their function, functionality and ergonomics. They are perceived by a person‘s multiple senses, are visually registered and understood, as well as being felt and understood, thereby providing orientation.

Sieger Design

SENSA System without glass bore

Hardware of the SENSA collection does not need any glass bores. The hardware is fastened to the un-drilled glass pane with gentle and secure clamps or by adhesion technology (gluing).

Attractively flexible and fascinatingly simple to install. You want to make your decision today and take the product home right away? It‘s no problem. If you pick a system with SENSA technology, you will not need to wait for the correctly drilled glass door. You will save time, money and you can be certain that it all fits just right. Nothing can go awry. Unusual sizes are no big deal for SENSA either, since the doors do not need any drilled holes. The SENSA attachment technique has never heard of permanent hardware positions. Everything can be adjusted to your room on site.

Sliding systems