Planeo Loft

Sliding door system PLANEO LOFT is an elegant interpretation of historical industrial facades. Thinking of the „Dessau Bauhaus“, one immediately notices the workshop building with its imposing glass facade. It was articulated by a fine, black grid and coined the term „glass Bauhaus“.
Functionally, the glass surface was used to illuminate the workshops. Their symbolic meaning is interpreted differently. It is said, for example, that the transparency should create a kind of shop window. The work in the Bauhaus interior should be perceptible to the outside world and be in exchange.

With sliding door system PLANEO Loft

Fine Lines of Aluminium form filigree grid systems on the glass surface of the PLANEO LOFT Glass door system. The design was inspired by the characteristic factory-like façade windows of the state Bauhaus in Dessau. However, PLANEO LOFT speaks a much more minimalist design language. The aluminum lines, so-called pilaster strips, are only 0.8mm wide and are applied directly to the glass surface. This means that the Glass door does not have to be subdivided. The Sliding door system gains in lightness and stability. The surrounding filigree frame profile that encloses the glass surface also serves as edge protection. PLANEO LOFT is available as a single or double-leaf system, as well as in a ceiling-high version or in special sizes.

Set content Planeo Loft

  • sliding door system PLANEO 120
  • grip rod pair PLANEO_GS 49011 
  • frame PLANEO AIR incl. glass door SNOWWHITE_501 with aluminum strips on the glass surface

PLANEO LOFT was developed in Blaustein. It's a shade more in the direction loft character. New areas are reminiscent of lattice windows of old industrial buildings. Individual solutions are possible.

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Minimalist language

Planeo Air

A narrow, fine frame made of aluminium outlines the glass surface of the multi-award-winning PLANEO AIR system. The 6mm wide frame profile not only creates exciting contrasts, it also serves as functional edge protection. The matching handle strip is also minimalist. It looks like a fine, graphic line. The filigree design is only possible because there is no need to drill holes in the glass. The SENSA by GRIFFWERK adhesive technology is used to apply the handle strip to the glass. No drill holes are required for the glass door itself either. This minimises effort, costs and sources of error. PLANEO AIR is available as a single-leaf and double-leaf sliding door system. Special dimensions can also be realised.

Product features Planeo Air

  • PLANEO AIR is a design variant for the PLANEO 120 premium sliding door system.
  • A 6 mm wide aluminium frame profile encloses the glass edge.
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • For ESG and VSG 8 and 10 mm
  • 1 and 2-leaf sliding door systems
  • Maximum glass door size: 1400 x 2500mm
  • Available in standard and special sizes


The high design quality of the sliding door system Planeo Air was recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2017.

Glass door system PLANEO AIR was designed by GRIFFWERK in the Blaustein design department. A filigree frame profile of only 6 mm width outlines the glass surface of the glass door system. The matte black surface "graphite black" stands in exciting contrast to the radiant white glass surface in white glass PURE WHITE by GRIFFWERK. In addition to its aesthetic value, the profile provides additional protection for the glass edge. The minimalist handle strip, also black, radiates lightness - nothing more than a fine, graphic line fulfills all functions. The concealed track of the sliding door system holds technical comfort, for example, a soft closing mechanism.



In 2019 followed the nomination and award of the glass door system PLANEO AIR with the German Design Award 2019.

The German Design Award is conferred by the German Design Council, which has been representing the design scene in Germany for more than 65 years and confers one of the most prestigious awards for high design quality with the German Design Award.


With this award, the German Design Council honors "innovative products, their manufacturers and designers that are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape," according to the organizers.

The nomination for the German Design Award alone may be understood as a special distinction, as the German Design Council reserves the right to select the companies and products itself.

The international jury justifies the decision to honor PLANEO AIR with the award as follows: "The filigree frame profile keeps the white glass panel almost invisible, making it seem almost immaterial. In addition, it glides in its concealed track almost as if by itself, which reinforces the impression of lightness and floating. A great, poetic design."


New generation loft doors

A classic loft door is understood to be a heavy steel and glass construction that is closely based on historical predecessors. GRIFFWERK has reinterpreted the loft door. It now not only looks more modern, but also has many other advantages:

Loft door systems in comparison


  • System construction, special dimensions possible
  • Can be ordered with other doors from specialist dealers
  • Frame made of lightweight aluminium
  • Hardly any additional weight
  • Modern, light appearance due to frame

Conventional steel-glass systems

  • Expensive individual production
  • Production via locksmiths
  • Long production and delivery times
  • Frame made of welded steel
  • High weight, therefore problems
  • Massive, dominant appearance