Door handles

Stylisch living

Door fittings are our passion. We consider them door decorations. We love the different feel of forms and surfaces: Edgy, clear and cool, or soft and supple. There is no element in your living environment that you will touch more frequently. Enjoy the diversity, touch and test it.

Especially high quality are our door handles made of stainless steel, optionally matte or polished. The elaborate surface polish lends the pieces refined noblesse. In contrast, the high-quality steel is particularly authentically presented in matte-brushed stainless steel. The fine lines of the polish dynamically follow the lines of the design at GRIFFWERK and thus support the aesthetic effect.

A modern look

Existing doors can be given a completely different look with new fittings. New fittings generally also fit old doors. Long plates are ideal for covering all drill holes. On this page you can find a quick overview of the dimensions of our long plates.

It can be exciting when different design styles are com- bined with each other. It creates interesting tensions. Modern features can be exhilarating on apartments in older buildings. You can incorporate formal architectural or interior decor details in the choice of your door fittings, thereby creating an overall harmonious visual effect.



In 2014, we developed a collection of glass doors and door fittings with the successful designer Jette Joop. The collection will soon be presented in an online brand showroom. There you can also find out which dealer you can buy the products and find tips from Jette Joop on current interior trends.


Our demands are reflected in detail!

The PROFESSIONAL LINE units convince with a rosette height of only 8 mm, delicate joints around the screwon rosettes, smallest radii and the PROFESSIONAL LINE's specific and unmistakable Premium Finish. Highquality equipment details such as the two lifting springs and a subconstruction of stainless steel supplement the offered range.

Professional quality for object and personal use

More detailed information about the PROFESSIONAL LINE product-family can be found in our latest catalogue. In addition specification details and product drawings can be found here on our webpage. For further support please contact our specification team who will be pleased to assist you.

Care instructions stainless steel

General care of the material: Stainless steel

GRIFFWERK is not just limited to an attractive outer design – we are proud of our products' inner values too. We exclusively use 304 alloy stainless steel, designated as 1.4301. The composition of this high-quality stainless steel makes it a corrosion-proof stainless steel with special corrosion resistance and resilience. Corrosion-proof stainless steel forms a very thin protective passive layer that forms again by chemical reactions, even after the surface has been damaged.

Care instructions

GRIFFWERK recommends the "GRIFFWERK Pflegespray" care spray, which is specifically designed for our products, to care for and retain the value of your products. It has an intensive cleaning and dirt-repellent effect and thus retains the value of your products. Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents or abrasive agents containing alcohol. Please note that the surface of the fittings can be damaged if subjected to excessive wear and tear, for instance from construction site dirt, grinding dust or aggressive vapours and sea water. Therefore, please clean your products with GRIFFWERK Pflegespray care spray as soon as they have become dirty. Our spray is available from all our trade partners.