door handle set
Isolated product image in perfect product view shows the GRIFFWERK long plate set LOREDANO in the version mortice lock - polished/brushed steel - deco screw
Isolated product image in the left-turned angle shows the GRIFFWERK long plate set FABIO in the version mortice lock - chrome - deco screw
Isolated product image in the right-turned angle shows the GRIFFWERK long plate set FABIO in the version mortice lock - chrome - deco screw


door handle set
door cover: long plate freeform
lock type:
Direction: L/R
norm select: not checked
valid country: Germany
door handle set FABIO
deco screw long plate freeform
mortice lock chrome
EAN-13: 4250214318811


MSRP (based on german VAT)*


Long plates

Existing doors can be given a completely different look with new fittings. Removing the fittings is unbelievably simple. Drill holes on the door, used to fix the previous front plates, can be annoying. Long plates like FABIO are ideal for covering all drill holes.

Detailed technical drawing in top view including dimensions of GRIFFWERK longshield Fabio screwing technology in stainless steel

What is a coloured beard lock?

Buntbart door handle sets, known at Griffwerk as BB for short, are suitable for all types of room doors, e.g. interior doors made of wood. This is also referred to as a simple door lock. Buntbart locks should not be used outdoors, as they can be easily opened by unauthorised persons without a key with a locking hook. A BB lock is therefore particularly suitable for interior doors without security requirements.

Country style

The country house style is oriented towards an idyllic and traditional design, which is supported by closeness to nature and regionality. The special feature of this style of living is that it differs visually depending on the region, lifestyle habits and values of the population. The focus is most often on natural materials and colours such as solid wood, clay, ceramics, stone and rattan. Handcrafted accessories made of leather, furs, cotton or linen can complement the furnishing style. Overall, the country house style embodies its own charm and is reminiscent of local traditions.