Window handles

Window handles - small design objects with great effect

Window handles are more than practical operating elements: they are design objects. Especially on the Windows that you open several times a day, they have to meet a high level of technical requirements.

In the Griffwerk range, you will find Window handles in different sizes and forms as well as made of different materials. Thanks to our consistent design across all products, they are guaranteed to match the style of your Door handles. So put your design demands into practice down to the last detail - whether in matt or glossy, chrome-plated or brass look, in velvet grey or Graphite black. With our Window handles, you can stage your old windows or give your new windows the perfect look.

The window handle - shape, colour and material

When choosing your window hardware, you should not only think about the design, consider your window size, or check whether the hardware should be lockable. Also your individual living style and the question whether your Windows open to the left, right or top is decisive for the right design and Material.

You will find Stainless steel window hardware in all possible forms and colors in our assortment. We are especially proud of the inner values of our products: For all our handles, including Window handles, we only use Stainless steel alloy 304 - also known as 1.4301. Due to its composition, this high-quality Steel is rust-free and therefore particularly corrosion-resistant and durable. Stainless steel forms a very thin protective passive layer that rebuilds itself even after surface damage due to chemical reactions.

We process this Stainless steel in so many different ways that you are guaranteed to get the perfect look. Thanks to various grinding techniques, we can create metallic glossy, matte, slightly rough or smooth surfaces. We have made use of these properties in our design objects, allowing you to choose Window handles from a Width range of designs.

Which variant you choose depends on the window material, style and your personal interior design style.

Replacing the window handle - little effort, great effect

Once you have decided on the look of your handles, you can easily change your Window handles - in just three steps:

  1. Loosen the fascia: Align the Window handle horizontally to get to the screws that connect the handle to the Window. Now you should be able to easily twist the screen that sits over the screws. Note: some fascias may be glued in place. Carefully loosen these, such as with a craft knife.
  2. Remove screws and pull off the Window handle: If the screws are very tight, loosen them with a little oil. This way you will not damage the screw head. Once the screws come out, you can simply pull off the Window handle. Clean the place where the handle is placed very thoroughly - preferably with detergent and cloth.
  3. Install your new Window handle: Place the new Window handle in the same horizontal position as the old handle. Now slide the Square into the window frame. Many Window handles come with new screws in the set. However, you can also reuse the old screws. The position and spacing of the holes are standardized: 43 mm drilling distance. Also, the type of screws used is standardized: M5. Be sure to tighten the screws firmly so that the handle has no play. Finally, close the new fascia. Done: the new Window handle is ready for use.

One look. For the whole apartment.

If you decide on something special, you don't want to have to make any compromises. With our range you can equip your entire living room with handles in your desired colour throughout: from cashmere grey to stainless steel to brass look - from door to window.

Wooden door


Glass door


Sliding door



Window handle AVUS

Window handle - lockable and secure against burglary

In order for your Window to be burglar-proof, the hardware must be matched to the window construction. The frame, the window glass and the locking mechanism form a coherent unit. A lock cylinder is integrated in our lockable Window handles. This includes a key. Once the Window is locked and locked in the appropriate position by the Window handle, the handle cannot be turned to any other position, thus increasing the protection against burglary. Most police advisory centers recommend a Window handle lockable to prevent against burglaries.

Window handles with child safety lock - safety in everyday life

Children are particularly inquisitive and are constantly learning new things. But this can also bring pitfalls: When children learn to open windows on their own, for example, dangerous situations can quickly arise. In the worst case, the child can fall out of the window and injure himself. To minimize this safety risk, parents should opt for window handles with child safety locks or child protection.

On the one hand, there are window handles that have to be operated with the help of a key. These are often found, for example, in classrooms, daycare centers or kindergartens. As a variant, there are also Window handles that are equipped with a push button instead of a key. Furthermore, you can find extra devices with cable and latch in the trade, which you must additionally attach to the Window.

We recommend lockable Window handles as a child safety device, as they additionally provide adequate protection against burglary.

Window handle models of high quality can be found in various designs, colors and materials at Griffwerk.

Window handles - technical equipment

The window handles are fixed to the window frame by the standardized 7 mm square pin. How deep the square pin must be pushed into the window to lock it depends on the thickness of the window. The required pin length can be easily measured in advance using a thin object, such as a knitting needle. To do this, push the knitting needle into the opening as far as it will go and mark the spot with your fingernail. If you now measure this distance with a tape measure, you will have the pin length.

In addition, window handles from Griffwerk are equipped with a plain bearing, for a durable, smooth and, above all, noiseless function. Without costly maintenance work!

Handles for lifting Sliding doors

We have expanded our range of Door and Window handles with Lifting Sliding door handles.

What are our lift-slide door handles suitable for?

A lift-slide door is mostly used as a door to the garden, balcony, winter garden or terrace. It is a tightly closing Sliding door, which in most cases consists of two wings. One wing is often fixed glass, while the other door wing can be slid to the left or right by rollers in the Floor.

When you want to open the lift-slide door, you operate the lift-slide door handle. The movable leaf is then lifted from the closed position and slid open sideways, allowing an open passage without barriers. When closing the door, you then reach for the lifting/sliding door handle again - the sash is pushed closed and lowered. Unfortunately, the opening and closing mechanism of a lift-slide door does not allow for a tilt function.

Window handles: FAQ

How does a window handle work?

Window handles are firmly anchored in the window frame. Their function is to close or open the window easily and silently. Whether for ventilation or protection from rain - a window with a handle is essential and gives a feeling of security. Even if you like to put your window in the tilt position, you need a window handle for this. You can find high-quality window handles for your house or flat at Griffwerk - in all kinds of colours and shapes, ideally matched to your interior design style.

Where can I find lockable window handles?

Lockable window handles are suitable as an additional means of burglary protection or child safety. Whether plastic windows or noble wooden frames - whether plain silver or noble brass look - in our Griffwerk range you will find the right lockable window handle for every window variant. Ask your specialist dealer about Griffwerk products.

Why is a window handle called an olive?

In the past, window handles were also called "window olives". This is because their shape was reminiscent of an olive. Nowadays, the one-armed lever or turn handles resemble the Mediterranean fruit less. But the term has still become common parlance in places of its own.

Which screws are needed for a window handle?

The right hardware for the professional installation of the window handle is supplied by Griffwerk. Depending on the version, the handle is mounted with a square pin and suitable screws. For further information on mounting, please visit our homepage or contact your specialist dealer.

How do you install window handles?

Window handles are fixed to the window frame with the help of a 7 mm square pin. The thickness of the window determines how deep the square spindle must be pushed into the window in order to lock it optimally.

We recommend the following trick for measuring: Take a thin object, e.g. a knitting needle, and push it into the opening as far as it will go. Mark the spot with your fingernail or tape. Then measure the distance with a tape measure.

How to remove a window handle and how to replace window handles?

First you should loosen the cover of the previous window handle. When doing this, align the handle horizontally so that you can reach the screws that connect the handle and the window. Now turn the cover that sits over the screws. If the cover is glued, loosen it carefully with a cutter knife.

Then remove the screws and pull off the window handle. Screws that are stuck can be loosened with a little oil.

Now you should clean the area where the handle was attached very thoroughly.

Finally, mount the new window handle. Hold it in the same horizontal position as the old handle. Now fix the square pin into the window frame. Now screw the new handle on as tightly as possible. Then close the new cover. Your window handle is now ready for use.

Are window handles normed?

Yes, lockable window handles can be standardised. To be more precise, this is DIN 18267 for "latchable, lockable and lockable window handles". The standard specifies certain dimensions that can be applied to all types of window handles: Square spindle 7 mm and screw joint spacing 43 mm. However, window handles with lift-slide, lift-slide-tilt or parallel slide-tilt elements are not covered by this standard. 

In addition, the DIN EN 13126-3 standard for window and door hardware applies to all window handles. It specifies certain quality standards, but no dimensions.

Our lockable window handles from Griffwerk are of course standardised handles.

What does a new window handle cost?

Fenstergriffe von Griffwerk liegen aufgrund ihres edlen Designs und der hochwertigen Materialien im mittleren bis oberen Preissegment. Einfache Fenstergriffe erhalten Sie ab 28 Euro, abschließbare Fenstergriffe ab 116 Euro.

Are window handles universally applicable?

The window handles from Griffwerk can be individually matched to other design elements. Choose your window handle in the same look as your door handle or show your colours and surprise with strong contrasts: At Griffwerk, every taste will find what it is looking for.

As a renowned manufacturer of handles of all kinds, we at Griffwerk always try to cater to individual needs. Griffwerk window handles can be made with different square spindle lengths and can therefore be used in any window frame. On request, we produce special designs with variable pin lengths. Contact us!


How secure are lockable windows?

It depends. As burglary protection, they work mainly for casual burglars. Experienced thieves use more sophisticated methods to get into houses or flats. Here, the combination of different burglary prevention methods is the most important factor. Our tip: From Griffwerk you will also find protective fittings for your doors for optimum burglary protection.

Lockable window handles have a greater benefit as security against windows being opened from the inside. They reliably protect children, pets or cognitively impaired persons from unintentional opening of the window. This can prevent dangerous situations and, in the worst case, accidents. For this reason, lockable window handles have proven their worth in kindergartens and schools, but also in hospitals, for decades.

How does a window handle with push button work?

A window handle with push button is basically a normal handle with an additional lock button. If the lock button is pressed, the handle can be used normally. If the button is not pressed, the handle is restricted in its movement. When you close the window, the latch engages. Pressing the lock button or the push button unlocks the window and it can be opened again. 

Window handles with a push-button are mainly used as child safety devices. For example, children can put a window in the tilt position, but not open it completely - for their own safety.

Sometimes these handles are also used in combination with a lock cylinder and the corresponding key. Here, a key must first be inserted in order to be able to exert pressure on the knob.

Window handles: When which material?

Plastic window handles are cheaper than stainless steel handles. Brass, stainless steel, aluminum or chrome wears out less. The interior style also affects the choice of window handles: For example, in an Art Nouveau room, an ornate brass handle would be better than a no-frills black window handle.

What colors and shapes are available for window handles?

Colors and shapes of window handles determine how the entire room looks. In a playful country house living room, the CAROLA window handle from Griffwerk is certainly more appropriate than in a loft-style room. There, a simple design with clear contours, such as the SIEGER DESIGN MINIMAL MODERN window handle, is more convincing. A golden element has a different effect than a black one. An angular window handle with clear edges contrasts more than a curved handle.

Can window handles simply be replaced?

Changing a window handle takes a maximum of ten to 15 minutes. Remove the cover to the screws, unscrew the screws, pull off the window handle, attach the new one. Done. 

Are there different types of window handles?

Yes, there are different types of window handles that are suitable for different window types and styles. For example, there are window handles for swing windows, pivot windows, tilt windows, etc.

Are there window handles that are suitable for people with handicap?

Yes, there are special window handles suitable for people with handicaps, for example those with larger levers or automatic opening mechanisms - Griffwerk does not offer these.

What is the advantage of window handle with lock function?

Window handles with lock function provide additional security by preventing the window from being opened from the outside.

Why do you need lockable window handles?

Lockable window handles protect from the outside and from the inside: Inside, they prevent, for example, small children from opening windows and falling out, or persons with dementia from opening windows unnoticed, which then remain open and are an invitation for burglars.

From the outside, they provide some burglary protection: burglars like to drill or punch a hole in the pane next to the window handle. This then allows them to reach the handle, open the window and easily enter the home. A lockable window handle prevents this.

What is a window olive?

A window olive is simply the window handle. The name comes from the fact that in the past the handles were small and oval, resembling an olive. Today, the shape is quite different, but the name has remained.

What should I look for when choosing window handles?

When choosing a window handle, consider to which side you have room to turn and to which side the window should open. Window handles for windows that are opened and closed often need to be more durable and fit better in the hand than those that are rarely used. Window handles should match the material, shape and color of the existing door handles and hardware or those being purchased. If the window is located on a poorly visible corner, on a lower floor or in the children's room, you should think about lockable window handles.

Can I replace a window handle myself?

Yes, you can easily put the handle in a horizontal position, loosen the bezel, unscrew the screws and pull off the old window handle. Put the new window handle back horizontally with the square into the frame and tighten the screws. Then put the new cover on it and the new window handle is ready.