light openings

Light openings

With light cutouts made of glass, you also give wooden doors more transparency. As a rule, wooden doors with prefabricated cutouts are available as standard doors. Of course, wooden doors can also be retrofitted with light cutouts. Numerous variation possibilities result from the extensive decor selection.


What is a light cut-out?

A light cut-out is a glass insert in a wooden door. It lets light through and thus enables better use of daylight. Another term is "glass cut-out" or "light opening". Light cut-outs are available in various sizes and divisions. The decors can be chosen individually. The type of glass can also be selected according to taste.


How soundproof are doors with a light cut-out?

There is no general answer to this question. First of all, the type of basic door plays a role. Laminated safety glass should be chosen for the light cut-out. Doors with a light cut-out are a good compromise between a wooden and glass door, but allow less light to pass through. As always, the sound insulation quality is determined by the totality of all construction elements. A plus for doors with a light cut-out: Multiple rebated door leaves and frames can be installed, which close very tightly.