Light cutouts for glimpses of light

Even the most beautiful room can only work if it is staged in the right light. In addition to all-glass doors, room doors with light cutouts are just the thing for this. With light cutouts made of glass, you can also make wooden doors more transparent. We present suitable light cutouts for you, explain their functionality and what else you need to know about glass cutouts.

What are light cutouts?

A light cutout or a light opening is a glass insert in a wooden room door. Thus, the room retains its original character, but at the same time natural light flows through the light cutout and makes the room visually brighter and larger. Light cutouts come in different sizes and divisions.  A light cutout on an interior door can serve various functions. Narrow glass inserts or portholes, for example, provide privacy in offices while at the same time providing an overview of what is happening in the hallway. Large light cutouts, on the other hand, can even create the illusion of two connected rooms.

How soundproof are doors with a light cut-out?

There is no general answer to this question. First of all, the type of basic door plays a role. Laminated safety glass should be chosen for the light cut-out. Doors with a light cut-out are a good compromise between a wooden and glass door, but allow less light to pass through. As always, the sound insulation quality is determined by the totality of all construction elements. A plus for doors with a light cut-out: Multiple rebated door leaves and frames can be installed, which close very tightly.

Functionality, light and design

There are almost no limits to the design freedom for interior doors with a light cutout. Every glass insert from Griffwerk is available in Basic Green or Pure White. Depending on the location, a light cutout made of clear glass or frosted glass is recommended.
Clear glass visually enlarges small rooms best and lets the light in the farthest. 
Frosted glass guarantees privacy, yet allows enough light through the room door to create a pleasant effect. The Pure White quality is particularly beautiful in this respect: the matte snow-white surface diffuses the light, creating a luminous, noble, effect on the light cutout.
Structured glass is produced by a special rolling process and offers excellent privacy protection with maximum light incidence. In this way, an interior door with a glass insert made of structured glass wonderfully combines privacy with light. At Griffwerk, you will find light cutouts made of structured glass in various designs. 

Decors for light cutouts

All decors for all-glass doors can also be applied to light cutouts: You can choose from nature motifs, modern 3D effects, minimalist line decors or beautiful photo prints. You can choose your favorite design from the Griffwerk product catalog or have your individual design applied to your light cutout using one of the following processes: 
- SIEBDRUCK uses ceramic inks. The finished single or multi-color images are then thermally sealed. A light cutout with a screen-printed design is especially scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean.
- LASERPRINT creates fine-grained, photo-realistic images and a slightly roughened surface on the room door.
- SANDSTRAHL creates a matt effect in the desired places. Depending on the grain size of the sand, different shades of white can be achieved.
- DIGITAL PRINT on laminated glass
In this process, the image is applied between the two panes of glass. Since the back side of the glass is white, a fascinating depth is created in the images, with opaque light cut-out at the same time. 
The different printing methods can also be combined.

Light cutouts: New or different?

There are standard wooden doors in stores with a ready-sawn place for the light cutout. But you can also modernize existing, dear wooden doors with a light cutout.