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More room, more light

Whether new construction, existing building or renovation project, sliding glass doors open up rooms and ensure the optimal use of daylight. With their clear aesthetic appeal, they give rooms a new modern effect.

Replace wooden doors

Wooden doors can be easily replaced with glass doors. But which type of door is particularly suitable for renovation and what to look for?


Connecting rooms

What to do with old frames?

Glass doors are versatile. Whether a windowless hallway, an awkwardly located living room on the north side, or an adjoining room that needs to become a walk-in closet: Glass doors let friendly sunlight flood cool rooms and noticeably and sustainably improve the feeling of living.


Replace single wooden doors

All designs from Griffwerk are available as a complete product family. For the rosette set for wooden doors, you can also get lockable variants. Glass doors do not have to do without the uniform look: The lock cases can be combined with handles from the entire range.


Renovation advice for apartments for rent

A safety upgrade in apartments for rent must be coordinated with the landlord just like all changes affecting building substance. A written permit that excludes the obligation to remove it again when moving out is sensible as well. Ideally, change requests should be clarified before entering into the rent contract.

Insured object

Never just pull doors shut. They may not be deemed shut legally. To profit from insurance protection in case of damage it pays off to ask your insurance company. Use this opportunity to clarify whether the resistance class of the protective units is sufficient.



What is a long plate set?

You want to give an existing interior door a new face? The old door handles are quickly history, but possible drill holes can be disturbing. To cover these, simply use a long backplate fitting. If you don't have the same problem with your old door, use a short backplate fitting.


Short plate

Renovating with fittings - A new look!

New fittings generally also fit old doors. Long plates are ideal for covering all drill holes. This chapter will provide inspiration and a quick overview of the dimensions of our long plates.