Thinking about tomorrow today: sustainability at Griffwerk

In the energy-intensive construction sector, we want to make our contribution to climate protection. We are therefore constantly working to implement sustainable measures and reduce our ecological footprint. We attach great importance to using our resources responsibly. For us, this means avoiding waste and continuously minimizing the consumption of materials and energy.

Building heating and cooling with water-heat pump

The office building and part of the warehouse are sustainably heated in winter and cooled in summer using a water-to-water heat pump. The "Blau" river serves as the heat source. The extracted water flows back into the Blau through a heat exchanger in unchanged water quality. A heat pump is connected downstream of the heat exchanger, which extracts heat from the water in winter and feeds it into the heating system. In summer, water from the Blau is used to cool the building. The selected heating/cooling water networks with underfloor heating and concrete core activation are ideally suited for river water utilization in conjunction with a heat pump.

Regenerative power generation with photovoltaics

The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of our logistics hall has a maximum output of 200 kWp (kilowatt peak = maximum output). As a rule of thumb, you can expect around 900 kWh of electricity per kWp per year. This means that our system can produce up to 180,000 kWh of electricity per year. For comparison: A 4-person household consumes around 3,500-4,500 kWh of electricity per year.

And when it's very foggy: 100% green electricity

If the foggy winter on the Danube doesn't produce enough electricity from the photovoltaic system on the roof, we supplement it with 100% green electricity. We are supplied by Ulmer Stadtwerke, which produces regional electricity with its own hydroelectric power plants.

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy at Griffwerk

At a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy, children learn everything they need to know about the climate crisis and global justice. Plant-for-the-Planet is a foundation that is primarily aimed at children and young people. At Plant-for-the-Planet academies, children and young people train to become ambassadors for climate justice. We supported the campaign, in which 23 children from the region learned through lectures and playful workshops, for example, whyCO2 leads to global warming, what the effects of the climate crisis are and how trees can help. Afterwards, we braved the rain and planted almost 400 trees in the Blaustein city forest after a short briefing from the city foresters.