From niche to cabinet: how Glass doors are redefining storage

No more playing hide and seek: Handbags, clothes and crockery no longer disappear into dark cupboards. Instead, they are displayed openly behind Glass doors. Find out how this living trend works and how to keep things tidy here.

Interior design is not just about functionality, but also about aesthetics. Ideally, utility and style merge to create an ideal interior solution - as is the case with walk-in wardrobes with Glass doors. This current living trend makes optimum use of niches and meets all aesthetic criteria at the same time.

Wardrobes with Glass doors: making optimum use of space

Stylish Glass doors or Glass sliding doors make it easy to redesign niches. This not only creates an ideally utilized living space, but also a new, stylish living atmosphere, as doors made of Glass fit seamlessly into any interior, whether modern or classic. Depending on your own needs and those of the room, the walk-in niches become libraries, display areas for collectibles, stylish crockery cupboards or decorative bathroom shelves, wine racks, wardrobes or toy cupboards. Glass doors or space-saving Glass sliding doors help here. Plus: the available variety of glass types and decors offers the opportunity to add a personal touch.

The right lighting in wardrobes with Glass sliding doors

Because a wardrobe with Glass doors attracts everyone's attention, the lighting plays a crucial role in presenting the contents in an appealing way and creating a homely atmosphere.

Spotlights highlight certain areas and direct the focus onto individual objects. At the same time, the lighting should be evenly distributed across the cabinet to avoid shadows and dark corners. The color temperature of the lighting influences the mood and perception of the colors in the cabinet: Cool light (like daylight) has a neutral effect, while warm light (like incandescent light) creates a cozy atmosphere. The option of dimming the lighting offers flexibility depending on requirements and the desired mood.

Keeping things tidy in a visually appealing way: A question of the system

Tidiness plays an important role in cabinets with Glass doors, after all, you can't hide anything behind Glass doors. This turns the storage space into a display area and storage becomes decoration.

To keep things tidy behind the Glass doors , you can use various organizing systems that ensure visual calm: either sort by style - i.e. pants to pants or vases to vases - or by theme and hang office outfits next to casual wear or place the tea service next to the breakfast dishes. Another popular and visually appealing alternative is sorting by Color: Like a rainbow, all the colors follow one another. Yellow books or accessories then stand together, followed by green book spines, and so on.

Clothing looks best in wardrobes with Glass doors, when everything from blouses to shirts hangs on hangers with sufficient space between them. For small items or accessories, there are now numerous inserts, boxes and helpers to keep things tidy.

Tidying up behind the Glass door: clear out, tidy up and then decorate

But before we can sort and decorate, in most cases we have to sort out - because we don't even use many of the things we own. According to statistics, 64 percent of clothes hang unused in our wardrobes all year round, which makes 1.8 billion unworn items of clothing across Germany. While such "corpses of clothes" are not noticeable in wardrobes with normal doors, cluttered shelves are a no-go in wardrobes with Glass doors. Instead, it's all about Minimalism - a living trend where less is more.

A famous and very effective tidying method was developed by the Japanese Marie Kondo. The tidying queen and author has inspired millions of people around the world to reorganize their homes using the KonMari method. The basic idea is to keep only the things that bring you joy and let go of the rest. It encourages you to embrace Minimalism by consciously choosing what is really important. Only things and items of clothing that are close to your heart remain - and therefore deserve to be visible behind the Glass door.

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