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window handle
window handle LUCIA SELECT
graphite black/brass R
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Form: rounded
EAN-13: 4250214545750
window handle LUCIA SELECT
graphite black/brass R
valid country: Germany
EAN-13: 4250214545750

Window handle LUCIA SELECT

Material accents

LUCIA is available in stainless steel, graphite black and graphite black with brass or copper accents. "Our" black is a matt, very deep black. The coating used is so resistant that it can also be used to coat tools. It is also insensitive to fingerprints.

Alternative products

Window handles - small design objects with great effect

Window handles are primarily used to open and close a window and are in daily use. A high level of technical requirements must be met, especially when used regularly. But window handles can do more! They are not only practical operating elements, but small design objects with a big effect.

In the Griffwerk range you will find window handles in different sizes, different materials and - thanks to our consistent design across all products - also matching the style of your door handles. So implement your design requirements down to the last detail, whether in matt or shiny, chrome or brass look, in velvet grey or graphite black - with our handles you can set the scene for your old windows or complete your new windows with the matching accessories.

Silhouette product image in perfect product view shows the Griffwerk window handle LUCIA SELECT in the version unlockable, graphite black/copper

Window handles - shape, colour and material

When choosing your window fittings you should not only consider your window size. Or whether the fittings are lockable. The style of your home and the way your windows open (to the left, right or up) also set an important benchmark for choosing the right design and the right material. 

In our range of handles, you will find stainless steel fittings in various looks and feel.

We are particularly proud of the inner values of our products, which is why we only use stainless steel of alloy 304, also known as 1.4301. Due to its composition, this high-quality steel is rust-free and therefore particularly corrosion-resistant and durable. Stainless steel forms a very thin protective passive layer, which rebuilds even after surface damage due to chemical reactions.

Due to the different processing of this stainless steel, especially in the grinding technique, metallic, matt or smooth surfaces are created. We have taken advantage of these properties in our design objects and enable you to choose from a wide range of designs.

Which variant you choose depends on the window material, style and your personal preferences.

Replace window handles - little effort, great effect

Replacing window handles is easy. Here you will find step-by-step instructions:

  • Removing the cover: Align the handle horizontally to get to the screws that connect the handle to the window. Now you should be able to easily turn the cover that sits over the screws. Attention: Some panels may be glued. You must loosen them carefully, for example with a cutter knife.
  • Remove the screws and pull off the window handle: It can happen that screws sometimes get stuck, you can loosen them with a little oil so that you don't damage the screw head. As soon as the screws can be removed, you can simply pull off the window handle. Clean the area where the handle is placed very thoroughly.
  • Install your new window handle: Place the new window handle in the same horizontal position as the old handle. Now slide the square into the window frame. Many handles come with new screws in the set, you can also reuse the old screws. Be sure to tighten the screws firmly so that the handle has no play. Finally, close the new cover and the new window handle is ready for use.

The classic among door handle shapes

The absolute classic among door handle shapes, LUCIA, can be assigned to the Bauhaus style. The outstanding design is not based on playful details, but, as usual in the Bauhaus style, on the simplification of a form. The compound basic forms and the use of basic geometric bodies are typical design features. Not only in Bauhaus style houses does the handle fit perfectly into the living room atmosphere, even on classic style doors this design becomes a representative eye-catcher with traditional roots.

Who is LUCIA?

As you can already guess from the sound, LUCIA is a female first name, which translates from Latin and means "light". 
The name also refers to a festival that is celebrated in the Scandinavian countries. As is not to be assumed otherwise, this is a festival of light - the counterpart to midsummer celebrated in winter. 
LUCIA is a saint in whose honor the Festival of Light is celebrated. This is the reason for the celebration, which is traditionally celebrated every year in Sweden, Norway and in Denmark as well as in Finland. No one has ever seen the saint, yet she is present at every festival. In most families the eldest daughter dresses up as the saint, whose head is decorated with a brightly lit wreath of candles. Since this is a festival of light, she leads the procession by candlelight and leads the retinue to the main place of the festival.

Why does our door handle have a female name at all?

At the beginning of our company's foundation, we have given all handles melodious names. Since this model in the Frankfurt form is an L-shaped handle, we considered a name with L as a good choice. The main reason for the naming is simply the sound of the name, which fits the shape of the handle and is easy to remember. The design of the handle is as sonorous as the name. Simple, slightly industrial and therefore suitable for every house, the door handle with the unforgettable name enjoys great popularity.

What is an L-shape?

The L-shape is a door handle that looks like the letter "L" in top view. A door handle in the L-shape consists of two stainless steel round tubes, mitered and assembled - so that the handle forms a right angle.

What is the Frankfurt Model - the Frankfurt Form?

The "founding father" of the L shape is the Frankfurt model from the 1920s. In the 80s, the door handle was used in the German Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt, where the name for the door handle probably comes from. A second approach is based on a different name origin for the handle: The L-shape was designed by the Frankfurt architect Ferdinand Kramer and thus came to its name. Since 1925 the door handle has been mass-produced in the Frankfurt model.

Even if the history of its origin is unclear: the door handle and the city of Frankfurt are closely connected. According to records, four different shapes are attributed to the door handle of the Frankfurt model. First, the L-shaped handle was produced from white bronze and nickel silver. This was followed by a switch to cast iron, aluminum and finally stainless steel. From 1920-1940, the Frankfurt shape for the interior door was the most commonly used handle for the room door.

Window handles - technical equipment

The window handles are attached to the window frame by means of the 7 mm thick square pin. How deep the square pin must be pushed into the window to lock it depends on the thickness of the window. You can easily measure this in advance with the help of a thin object, for example a knitting needle. To do this, push the knitting needle into the opening as far as it will go and mark the spot with your fingernail. If you now measure this distance with a measuring tape, you will have the length of the pin.

In addition, our window handles are equipped with a sliding bearing for a durable, smooth and above all silent function. Without costly maintenance work!