smart2lock by Griffwerk

The handle that handles both.

2 in 1. Close and lock.

Just be on your own.

Privacy with one click.


Bathroom / WC

Home Office

youth room

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Clever technology. New door aesthetics.

Suitable for every door and every house.

1-hand-operation combined with elegant, flush appearance.

smart2lock stands for the perfect combination of intelligent locking tech-nology with puristic design. All door handles can be locked and unlocked with just one hand. And since the locking mechanism is integrated in the handle, no key rosette is required.



The Next Generation.

Lock and unlock with just one click

smart2lock. Benefits at a glance.

  • undisturbed with one click - privacy for every room 
  • comfortable 1-hand operation
  • integrated locking systems
  • new door aesthetics without key rosette
  • simple emergency unlocking
  • compatible with any standard mortise lock

Our products with smart2lock

Privacy throughout the house without rosettes


Smart2lock door handles are compatible with any standard mortise lock for wooden doors.

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