Black fittings: very trendy

Whether as window frames, loft doors or door handle, black architectural elements are in vogue. Griffwerk offers a comprehensive range of black fittings. All design lines are available in complete systems. A special feature is the black shade developed by GRIFFWERK. Graphite black is not only particularly matt and high-quality, but also has a pleasantly soft feel. Whether on the front door or as a bar handle on the sliding door - the black handle radiates modern living and looks elegant.

Sliding door systems

Sliding door systems from the PLANEO series are also available in graphite black. They are available with and without a surrounding frame and even with a sealing system. PLANEO AIR SILENT keeps out noise and unpleasant odours. Ideal for kitchens, corridors and bathrooms...

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Black door fittings: More than just colour

It's not just the look that counts. We attach great importance to a particularly pleasant feel. For this, the surface plays at least as important a role as the shape itself. Door handles in the premium surface soft2touch by GRIFFWERK not only look good, they are real hand-flatterers – whether square or round.

Beauty of the surface

Materials, shapes and surfaces offer sensual quality. Griffwerk has therefore looked for new ways to optimise the surface quality. Soft2touch by Griffwerk was developed with a surface finish in three unique shades, with a fine structure and a soft feel.

Look & Feel!

The surface finish developed by GRIFFWERK, soft2touch by GRIFFWERK, combines an extraordinary look with a velvety soft feel. Surfaces make a decisive contribution to a positive product experience. This is especially true for door handles, which are touched countless times every day - not only on inner doors.

Triple finished

For the desired 'soft2touch' effect, three wafer-thin layers are applied. The process has been fine-tuned down to the last detail. A special carrier layer serves as the basis. It has a fine structure so that a lively material effect is created. The texture varies depending on the shade. 'Cashmere' and 'Velvet Grey' are distinguished by a discreetly ground appearance; 'Graphite Black' appears finely grained. The colour tone is defined by the subsequent pigment layer. The particularly pleasant feel of the handles is created by a final soft seal. It also gives the colour shades brilliance and depth.

Inspiration Graphit

We chose an exceptionally matt, very deep black that fits perfectly with the loft-style window and door elements. Glossy black would look much more unsettling, as the reflective surfaces would contrast strongly with the surroundings. Matt simply looks more noble and stands for modernity.

soft2touch advantages at one look:

  • Design dream thanks to new colors in cashmere grey, velvet grey (nickel-plated) and graphite black
  • Particularly pleasant to touch due to velvety soft feel
  • Less cold in the hand than stainless steel
  • Silky-matt appearance instead of being polished to a high gloss
  • Available for all systems in the house (glass doors, wooden room doors, windows)

Black door handles

Antique, historic iron fittings were the inspiration for these door handles. The surfaces are in graphite-like, matt black. We call this extraordinary shade of black GRAPHITE BLACK. The surface is applied in a complex process. Three layers are necessary.

Black door handles are a timeless and aesthetically pleasing element that adds an elegant touch to any room. With their dark, mysterious look, they have become a popular design feature and suit a wide range of interior styles. We will explore with you the allure of black door handles and how they can add a touch of sophistication to your home.

The charm of black door handles

Black door handles are a statement of style and class. They give doors a special aura and create an appealing contrast to lighter surfaces. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a classic, traditional style, black door handles blend seamlessly into the overall picture.

Versatility and flexibility

One of the great features of black door handles is their versatility. They go well with doors made of wood as well as glass or metal. Whether you have a traditional home with antique furniture or a modern home with clean lines, black door handles offer a timeless aesthetic that fits into a variety of home styles.

Stylish design

From clean, minimalist shapes to ornate embellishments, the black door handle market offers a wide range of designs. You can opt for sleek, straight handles that create a modern and minimalist look, or elegant curved handles that add a touch of vintage charm. Regardless of your style preference, you can be sure that black door handles will add a classy touch.

With flat rosettes

Flush optics set the trend. PIATTA S masters this design language. The rosette can nestle flat against the door leaf like a pane of glass. PIATTA S does not even require special milling. It adapts to conventional doors.

Completely without rosettes

'One' stands for maximum reduction and is the programmatic resolution for this design line. Rosettes are not used. Thanks to a specially developed technology, the handle sits singularly on the door leaf. It nevertheless fits doors with standard locks. The rosette-less handles of the 'One' design line create a new, reduced door aesthetic.

What is smart2lock?

smart2lock stands for an innovative and intelligent locking technology that functions maintenance-free without electronics. A short click activates the mechanism integrated in the door handle. When locked, the door handle can no longer be operated on either side. On the outside, a red indicator on the door handle discreetly signals "do not disturb" - the most beautiful pause sign in the world. Of course, an emergency release on the outside of the door has also been thought of.

Black fittings: Product recommendations


Designer door handles in black

Design with character

A total of three door handles belong to the 'Characters' collection: Minimal Modern, Graph and Leaf Light. The design of the handles alone meets extraordinary demands.

From sieger design

The chosen design language is multifaceted and exciting. Clearly defined austerity and again soft, subtle lines set alternating accents. This formal complexity alone makes using the handles a tactile experience. With the new surfaces, they can now be matched even more individually to personal furnishing styles and also offer an almost seductive gripping experience. Luxury for everyday life that you can treat yourself to.


It can also be edgier...

The handles of the "Characters" collection are available with both round and square rosettes.

A design classic from Ulm

From 1952, Max Bill headed the department for architecture and product form at the HfG Ulm. Together with the student Ernst Moeckl, he developed a door handle for the university building during this time. In 2012, GRIFFWERK reedited this handle in close cooperation with the max, binia + jakob bill stiftung, following the preserved originals.

The Ulm Handle by Max Bill

The ULMER HANDLE reedited by GRIFFWERK features the characteristic, soft transition of form from circle to ellipse. A principle based on mathematics, as Max Bill also called for in his 1946 work "the mathematical way of thinking in the art of our time". The ULMER HANDLE BY GRIFFWERK is the world's only licensed reedition and therefore entitled to bear Max Bill's signature.

Sliding door systems in black

PLANEO LOFT and PLANEO AIR by GRIFFWERK are predestined for loft-style living. They look particularly stylish
they look particularly stylish in black.

Planeo Air

A slim, fine aluminium frame surrounds the glass surface of the PLANEO AIR system. It not only looks good, but also serves as a functional edge protection. PLANEO AIR has received several design awards and is available in single and double-leaf versions and in special sizes.

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Planeo Loft

In PLANEO LOFT, fine aluminium pilaster strips lie on top of the glass surface and can be arranged into individual grids. Incidentally, we were inspired by the Bauhaus façade windows for this design. PLANEO LOFT is available in single and double-leaf versions and in special sizes.

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Planeo Air Silent

With PLANEO AIR SILENT, GRIFFWERK developed a tightly closing sliding glass door system with Soft-Close that keeps out sound as well as kitchen smells, steam and draughts. This is made possible by laterally attached rubber lips. They were integrated into the narrow, all-round aluminium profile. The door reveal does not need to be changed. An additional slide-in system is not required. The puristic appearance is retained. PLANEO AIR SILENT is comparable to a wooden door in terms of sound insulation and was developed by GRIFFWERK in Blaustein.

No bottom gap

The lower edge of the glass door was equipped with a floor brush so that no gap is created. All elements are kept minimalistically filigree and do not disturb the simple appearance.

A brush locks the door to the floor.

Product features

  • suitable for Planeo X
  • wall mounting, 1-leaf
  • for glass thickness 8 mm
  • maximum glass door size: 1100 × 2200 mm
  • available in standard and special sizes
  • available with soft-close mechanism


The PLANEO AIR SILENT system can be optionally equipped with the PLANEO smart2lock handle bar and is then also lockable. A button placed on the narrow handle bar activates the locking function in the running track. Additional floor anchors are unnecessary. The design of the handle bar comes from Studio Relvao Kellermann.

The locking button is located on the side of the handle bar and is thus conveniently within thumb's reach. The locking mechanism was placed concealed in the runner. It is activated by infrared signals. A red LED indicates whether the door is locked. A mechanical panic function has also been thought of. It always works without any power supply.

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Planeo 120

PLANEO 120 can also be ordered in the graphite black finish. All versions are, of course, also available with a soft-close mechanism. This means that glass doors do not hit, but are gently pulled into the locking positions. Little things that simply offer more living comfort. All glass units are also available room-high.


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Material mix: Combine black

The handle shells of the SELECT design series are available with a core of solid brass or copper. A wonderful contrast to the deep black grip rim. Combined with non-ferrous metals, black makes a grand entrance. A touch of boho style resonates. The matching door handle is called LUCIA SELECT.

Grip shell GM_49111
Grip shell GM_49111

Glass lock cases in black

Puristo S

A beautiful contrast: glass door fittings in matt graphite black on white glass PURE WHITE. PURISTO S lock case is also lockable thanks to smart2lock by GRIFFWERK, making it perfect for undisturbed work in the home office.

Window handles in black

These window handles only look like their cast-iron predecessors at first glance. Inside, there is sophisticated hardware technology and the design language is also deliberately kept very modern and timeless. The surface offers a special experience. Thanks to the premium coating soft2touch by GRIFFWERK, it is particularly soft. What looks like pure industrial style turns out, at second glance, to be a luxury for the hands that you can enjoy every day.

Window handle AVUS
Window handle REMOTE
Window handle sieger design MINIMAL MODERN

Living Trends with Black Fittings

Black always forms a very strong contrast and thus stands for austerity, clarity and decisiveness. In fashion, black has always been the colour of intellectuals and forward thinkers. Black fittings are particularly beautiful in a clean, minimalist and well thought-out furnishing concept. They set sparingly used, powerful accents.

On the other hand, black door handles quote the look of historical iron fittings and therefore fit in with many furnishing styles that play with the most diverse styles of design history, such as modern, loft, industrial or midcentury style.

Be careful with large black surfaces. They may look imposing and mystical, but they absorb a lot of light. We like it more filigree. The frame profiles of our PLANEO LOFT loft door are particularly narrow.

Large windows, high ceilings, authentic building materials and lots of, lots of space - that's what makes living in the loft style so attractive. What started out as an inexpensive alternative has long since advanced to the luxury class of living. After all, the stock of suitable factory buildings is limited and each building is absolutely unique. In order to bring the flair of loft living home, you don't necessarily have to renovate a factory building. Appropriate accents can be set with stylish building elements. Fittings and doors are central design elements.

Industrial style reinterpreted: The PLANEO handle bars by Relvao Kllermann.

Industrial Style

Unplastered brick walls, authentic materials such as natural wood but above all metal and steel make up the unmistakable look of the industrial style. Everything is reminiscent of old manufactories. Traces of use are desirable. The mechanical functions of everyday objects may be shown. Welding seams are not hidden, because they tell of the manufacturing process.

Country house modern

Whether in a Swiss chalet or a house in Provence: dark fittings fit the ambience with style. In simple shapes, they look like a reminiscence of the history of the place.

Living for urban climbers: a rough "rock wall" of concrete, natural wooden floors and sleek, black fittings for doors and windows.

Stylish and Natural

With black door handles, white lacquer doors look particularly elegant. Natural wood tones such as oak, pine or light beech are also a beautiful combination.

Style doors in white lacquer

Real wood veneers

Minimalistic Pure

No details please! No visible frames, room-high and simple, doors can appear so ascetic.

The Avus One door handle and R8 One door handle with integrated smart2lock closing mechanism are a perfect match. Rosettes are superfluous.


Living for urban climbers: a rough "rock wall" of concrete, natural wooden floors and sleek, black fittings for doors and windows.

Natural materials such as wool, wood or stone gain contrast through black accents.

Sculptural form, integrated locking mechanism Smart 2Lock By handle and rosette-free look, black fittings can be so beautiful. (Product: AVUS ONE)

Cosy also works

Hygge with elements of industrial style in black.

Ethno meets Midcentury

Black always fits.

Pure loft with lots of stainless steel.

Black door handles are a must.

Rosette fittings in black


Door handles with flat rosettes in black


rosette-less door handles in black


Window handles in black

Window handle AVUS
Window handle LUCIA
Window handle REMOTE
Window handle sieger design GRAPH
Window handle sieger design LEAF LIGHT
Window handle sieger design MINIMAL MODERN
Window handle ULMER  GRIFF