The sliding door that seals.

With PLANEO AIR SILENT, GRIFFWERK developed a tightly closing sliding glass door system with Soft-Close that keeps out sound as well as kitchen smells, steam and draughts. This is made possible by laterally attached rubber lips. They were integrated into the narrow, all-round aluminium profile. The door reveal does not need to be changed. An additional slide-in system is not required. The puristic appearance is retained. PLANEO AIR SILENT is comparable to a wooden door in terms of sound insulation and was developed by GRIFFWERK in Blaustein.

PLANEO AIR SILENT - Advantages at a glance

  • soundproof, comparable with a Wooden door
  • seals against vapors and odors, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
  • prevents drafts, heat stays in the room
  • more privacy due to lateral privacy screen
  • system invisible from the outside, the purist look of the door is retained

The technique - maximally effective, minimally visible

A rubber lip seals directly into the wall reveal.

A rubber lip seals to an aluminum angle mounted on the wall.

Side finish

The almost gapless closure is achieved by narrow rubber lips on the sides. Towards the opening side, this directly adjoins the reveal. On the opposite side, an aluminum angle mounted on the wall provides the required Stop.

No bottom gap

The lower edge of the glass door was equipped with a floor brush so that no gap is created. All elements are kept minimalistically filigree and do not disturb the simple appearance.

A brush locks the door to the floor.

Product features

  • suitable for Planeo X
  • wall mounting, 1-leaf
  • for glass thickness 8 mm
  • maximum glass door size: 1200 × 2200 mm
  • available in standard and special sizes
  • available with soft-close mechanism

Available in different surfaces

Wide range of applications


Bathroom / WC

Home Office

Hobby room

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