All about handle sets

What sounds strange at first, we all know: We open and close doors every day with lever handle sets, door handle sets or door fittings. Which types there are, which parts they consist of and how you install them - it's all here.


What are handle sets?

What we usually call a "door handle" in everyday life is just one part of the lever handle set and is actually called a "lever handle" or door handle: By operating it, we can open and close a door. Inside the door there is a square lever handle pin, which is connected to one lever handle on each side - via the so-called spindle part. If one of these door handles is pressed down, the square handle pin rotates and moves the bolt of the door lock: the door can be opened.


The different parts of the handle set

First of all, according to the shape distinguish the shield and rosette sets.


In a escutcheon set, the door handle - latch or knob - is visually connected to the keyhole, and the escutcheon covers the space between the two.  There are long backplate and short backplate sets. Both work the same way, so the choice is a matter of taste.


In a escutcheon set, the door handle - latch or knob - is visually connected to the keyhole, and the escutcheon covers the space between the two.  There are long backplate and short backplate sets. Both work the same way, so the choice is a matter of taste.


Furthermore, a distinction is made according to the function. Apart from the classic form of the handle set with a lever handle on each side of the door, there are also interchangeable and half sets.


In the case of an interchangeable set, there is a lever handle on the inside of the door and an immovable handle on the outside. This means that the door can only be opened from the inside without a key. Therefore, interchangeable sets are mainly used for house or apartment doors.


A half set is - as the name suggests - a half handle set. With it, you can create a coherent design of the rooms in your apartment: If you want one room to have a different ambiance than the adjacent hallway, simply choose different half sets for each side of the door. For example, you can go from a modern hallway to a cozy living room - with matching lever handles.


Installation of a handle set

From the structure of a handle set, it follows how it must be mounted: If the door has a lock and keyhole, insert the square lever handle pin into one of the two lever handles (pin part) and push it through the lock. From the opposite side, press the other lever handle against it (hole part). Once both lever handles have been fixed in the door in this way, plates or rosettes can be attached.


What material are handle sets made of?

Whether iron, bronze, brass, chrome, aluminum or stainless steel, brushed or smoothly polished, in antique look or cheap and colorful plastic - handle sets are available in many materials. However, plastic sets are somewhat less durable.


What should I look for when buying?

Of course, your new handle set should please you first and foremost. In addition to aesthetics, other factors play a role in the purchase decision: durability, fire resistance, personal safety, burglary resistance and corrosion resistance all play a role - depending on where the handle set will be used. These properties are categorized in the "DIN EN 1906" standard. In general, the higher the class number in a category, the better the performance of the handle set. Thus, a handle set of corrosion resistance class 1 is only slightly resistant to corrosion, and one of class 5 is extremely resistant to corrosion. For normal room doors, the lowest class in each case is generally sufficient. However, if you want to purchase lever handle sets for buildings with fire, burglary or corrosion hazards, or if there is a lot of public traffic, you should pay attention to correspondingly higher class numbers according to DIN EN 1906.

Handle sets are used by us many times every day. Therefore, it can happen that they wear out over the years and the door handles sag slightly due to gravity. To prevent this, special hold-up springs are installed - also called return springs. Thanks to them, the door handles always spring back up again. When buying a door handle, make sure that it is fitted with a hold-open spring.

In 2 steps: Disinfect the handle set

  • First remove visible dirt. Use a damp cloth and a little all-purpose cleaner.
  • Wet the handle set completely with disinfectant. Allow it to dry.

The most frequently asked questions about the handle set

Which questions are most frequently asked about lever handle sets? We found out using software that analyses which questions people ask voice assistants from Apple, Google and others. We answer three of them here:

What type of handle set is available?

There are very different ones, all of which Griffwerk has in its range: Rosette sets, shield sets, interchangeable sets, half sets and renovation plates. All handle sets are available in a wide variety of shapes and materials - whether stainless steel, aluminium or brass.

Is every handle set standardised?

Yes - according to DIN standard 107. A distinction is made according to the stop direction: DIN left and DIN right.

What does "BB" stand for in a lever handle set?

This stands for Buntbart set. The buntbart key is the typical key shape for interior flat doors.

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