Door handles: Once upon a time there was a Schlinke

From the sling to the iron bar: the origins

The history of the door handle begins way back in the Middle Ages, when the term "Schlinke" (latch) first appeared. Originally, the term referred to a strap or "sling" that could be used to open an internal bolt from the outside. This simple but effective method was widely used and formed the basis for today's door handle.

The development of the modern door handle

The latch evolved over time. From a simple strap, it evolved into an iron latch and finally into the modern door handle we know today. This evolution not only changed the way they look and function, but also the way we use doors in our daily lives.

Why "Door handles" are no longer up to date

From pull to push: a change in function

Today's model of a Door handle differs fundamentally from its medieval predecessors. Instead of pulling, the handle is now pushed down to release the locking mechanism of a Room door. This change in the operating method makes the terms "door handle" or "Lever handle" much more appropriate.

The logic behind the term "Lever handle"

The modern Door handle, better known as the Lever handle, is part of a complex mechanism. It is not only pressed down to open a door, but also serves as a handle when you push against the door. This is particularly true of front doors, where there is often a lever handle on one side and a door handle on the other.

Door handles in a modern design

Diversity in form and function

Today's Door handles - or rather Door handles and Lever handles - are available in numerous designs. They range from classic designs with Long backplates to modern variants with short backplates or rosettes. There are also variations in the way they work, such as Alternate sets, which have a Door handles on one side and a round Lever handle on the other.

Personalized selection for every home

When choosing a Door handles for your home, you should consider both functionality and aesthetics. Suppliers like us at Griffwerk offer a wide range of options to suit any interior. From classic to modern, there are solutions to suit every taste and design concept.

Conclusion: A timeless helper in transition

Although the term "Door handle" has been used for centuries, the history of development clearly shows that the term "Door handle" or"Lever handle" is more appropriate today. These terms better reflect the functionality and design of modern Door handles. Regardless of the name, Door handles remain an indispensable part of our everyday lives, ensuring comfort and security in our living spaces.